Exhibiting at ICFF.. any tips for an englishman in New York?

First timer…I would like to exhibit my work in NY this May, either solo or as part of a group of brit designers. Trying to get something together through the UK trade and industry people, but they are pretty flaky, not returning my emails etc… I can get a grant up to £1800 to show abroad and I think ICFF will cost about $4000 to show (9m stand plus lighting etc). Are the any other exhibitions worth considering aprt from the main exhibition centre?? If all goes well, I am showing 2 washbasins, one production, one proto.

I’m not sure but I think you have to be a manufacturer or distributor or a design school to get into the show. Your best bet is off site but, perhaps as a design firm selling furniture designs?
The other thing to know is that the everything about the show itself is union operated.

I live in NY and have been to the past 2 ICFF conventions. I remember seeing individuals present their work at the show.

There are also a lot of other events going on during ICFF week around NY and you might be better off simply visiting/networking at ICFF and showcasing your work at another venue.

Here is a link to core’s list of events from design week last year. You might look into some of the venues/people/companies from last year to get ideas about who to talk to or collaborate with.


May have got a place at ICFF with a UK organisation… cannot wait.

Any ‘must do’ tips

I went last year! I think I learned some valuable lessons…

  1. press kits… you can only have X number available in their press room at any one time, but be ready to restock them constantly. have them ready in your booth too.

  2. bar code scanners… totally worth the money, esp. if you share. you MUST reserve them in advance, none will be left for the indecisive.

  3. parties. plan them ahead of time.

with a product like that, find a way to show it off well and share your booth several ways.

Thanks, some really important tips there. I found out that my grant won’t be so much because our british government is not being very generous to design talent this yr.
So I am looking at 1000 GBP which is a blow.
The party tip… do you mean get my invites sorted for events before i go??

Yes, invites, RSVPs, and all the major event parties … have a plan of attack. the parties were the place to talk to people you met at the show and really network, plus … they’re fun as heck, and … i don’t have to explain all the benefits of the social atmosphere versus the work-mode of the show itself. Some of the better events and parties early in the week I skipped, and by the end of the week I regretted that.

I’d get the moleskine guide to NYC, those are great, they let you build up your own guidebook, just provides a skeletal structure to organize your notes.

share a booth! I was in with a group that shared space and it filled out the space better and developed a good energy.

I’m with you. Milan is the same, though 4 nights in a row at the after party bar of choice (Bar Basso), drinking with the other brits til 6 did me in.

What are the top 3 parties to hit?? ?

hey…i’m also planning to exhibit in ICFF this May but I have no idea if they’re still accepting applications. I checked the website and inquired but didn’t get any response. would anybody know the application deadline and requirements for new exhibitors? thanks.

You can still get in, as long as they have room, and then they start a waiting list. Your choice of booths is … virtually nonexistent, however.


Go there, and apply!

If you want to talk to a human first, call this woman:

Alexandra Cabat
ICFF Exhibit Sales Manager

The best parties are going to vary year to year… I’m out of touch this year, but last year’s Metropolis party was among the best.

As far as requirements for exhibitors go, I’m not sure what you mean but their sales staff will answer that. Its mostly requirements about when you have to pay for union workers to move and install things, and what you can and cannot do to your booth-area. A booth by itself is about $3900 per 100 sf, but there are additional fees for things, like that card scanner.

They do expect a rendering of your booth, and photos of the products you will display.

Direct sales are not openly handled on the floor, though plenty of people take orders, process leads and sell of samples at the end of the show, but its all on the down-low.

thanks for the infos…is ICFF really worth attending? i mean, it’s not cheap, i just want to make sure that i would, somehow, get what i will pay for.

are you a brit or US? If you are brit then then there is a trade body taking over an area of the show and offers grants

neither, I’m from Asia, we have a subsidy but I was thinking if it’s worth allocating my subsidy on this show or if it’s better to spend it on some other show in Europe.

Depends on your market. I get a lot of interest from the US via my website. ICFF is good for generating sales acccording to those who have been. I am thinking about showing at Milan but it depends if I can get a good spot in Tortona. I don’t think it will generate sales, more of a press exersize.

i see, thanks for the infos.