exhibit design

i am just starting my search for a grad school offering exhibit design. my under grad degree is in graphic design. will this be an issue? can anyone give me some suggestions of schools to look at?


I got a degree in Industrial Design and am searching for a master in Exhibit Design too. The only option I have found is Elisava University, in Barcelona, Spain. www.elisava.es

Check it out, and let me know by this mean if you find something else.


Thanks for the advise, Bryce. You´re quite right. What university are you in? (Are you Italian?) Are you into exhibit design? Tell us!

In fact, Elisava works together with the CCCB - Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona (Barcelona Contemporary Culture Center), which represents an opportunity to work in this field (or at least that´s what they say in their page).


A masters in exhibit is an absolute waste of money and time.
Work in the exhibit field first, then decide if you want a masters in any design. You must have rich parents or a lot of money.

In that case, ANY master degree in design is a waste of time. Only an MBA or so would give you access to a higher income. Maybe their reasons to study that are not money…

don’t know anything about this program other than the fact it exists:


So, what have you decided, Maureen?