exhibit design software

I am a product designer looking to get into exhibit design. Can anyone tell me what software is currently being used in this field (the ones used in the majority of the portfolios). Thanks!

3D? only guess. see lots of renderings of Autocad stuff. usually rendered in Max. see Vellum too. see some companies using game engines. year ago Midwest design firm posted help wanted on game level editing board. realtime is catching on. only few now. but impressive. and software is free not including game.

trying to find company using game for VR. but here’s an example using outdated tech. nice stuff. check images. this group also posted on that site:



I did an internship with an exhibit company a few years ago. Although I wasn’t really responsible for doing any of the 3D modelling, I believe the person who was responsible used FORM-Z.

Also, I am very sure that Interior Designers and Architects use AUTOCAD in their practices.

Try searching some Coroflot job postings that are hiring Exhibit Designers. This should give you an idea on the skills you need and software that the companies require you to know. Plus, it gives you a list of the many different exhibit design companies out there that you could apply to when searching for work.