Exhibit design forum?

I saw TaylorWelden’s post here talking about a design classified forum, which I think is a great idea, and it inspired me to ask what people think about an exhibit design forum here on Core77 as well.

I work as a product designer and an exhibit designer and it is not un-common for IDer’s to turn to exhibit design. Many exhibit design job listings request/require an industrial design background as well so I see some relation there. Most of the exhibit designers that I know came from ID.

In addition, there are sites out there dedicated to Exhibit Design, but none that have a good forum open to different design disciplines.


In hijacking my own thread, are there other exhibit designers that frequent Core77?

I was able to answer my own question here, I’ve been looking around the Coroflot portfolios under the Exhibit Design tab, there’s a good pool of Exhibit Designers on there, maybe that adds some validity to opening us up a forum?