Exercises for shaky hand improvement

Does anybody know of any good exercises or things to practice sketching in order to try to eliminated hand shakiness? Its the one thing I can never seem to get rid of no matter how much I practice.

Usually shakey or hairy lines result in drawing from the wrist of the finger tips.

Try drawing on much larger sheets of paper, 11x17 at a minimum, try 24"x36" and make a single sketch take up the entire size of the page. Whey you do this try to consciously make the line come from your shoulder. Experiment with what lines you can get by using the natural arc of your shoulder, and then from your elbow. Then try to control the placement and length of those lines.Do this using a sharpie, a magnum marker, and pastels. After doing this for a few months, go back to sketching on 8.5 x 11.

Practice just throwing down long smooth lines on a large piece of paper like Michael mentioned. Also do you draw sitting or standing? Putting together a desk you can stand at to draw can help a lot, standing is much better posture for letting your arm do the work, rather than the hand.

And avoid 3 cups of espresso before starting to sketch.

This is a hard problem. My hands have always been particularly shake ever since childhood. What I have found is with constant drawing practice my right has had significant improvements in its shakiness. The exercise mentioned above are both great ways to help improve. Drawing from the shoulder will help a lot. From a physical exercise stand point this will sound a bit strange but it can also help. You hold a can of soup or what ever you have round in you hand an just rotate your wrist in a circle with the can in you hand you should feel this working your forearm. I have found this can help build some small muscles that help stabilize hand shake. This exercise was recommend to my when I was child to help my hands.

All great things to try, thanks!

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i say keep the shaky hand i love shaky hand sketches they’re the best. shaky hand is great for this kind of work

Watch the way you’re breathing; take a deep breath and pull the line as you exhale. Warm up exercises like drawing circles or shapes in perspective for half an hour to an hour can help you a lot too.

Also when you’re sketching, by thinking “I hope my hand doesn’t shake” or what have you might be the reason why you’re having this problem. Try to have a “zen” mindset when you’re drawing. For me, listening to music (something with no vocals and not on the “heavy” side; like classical, house, electronic, etc…) or a podcast can work greatly.

Hope this helps!