exelent work!

nice work!what kind of software do you use?

well, funny you ask, i love to be on the cutting edge you know.

i typically use microsoft paint, fontographer, freehand version 3, and as of later, i discovered power point. i really get a lot of mileage from good old powerpoint, i can really make those boxes sing, and the drawing tools are really freeform, i can go anywhere i want with that stuff. I’ve also been experimenting with autocad version 10, i find that i can make drawings with curved lines so much faster now. But, my all time fav is vellum. I can’t wait until someone invents some kind of program where you make things in 3D. I would be all over that shit like white on rice in a hearbeat. I think they have a version of autocad that does that. I alos just learned that in teh new version of Vellun, you can pull isometric shapes out of your 2D dwg. man, that would be sweet.

Is this some kind of secret handshake thread?!!!

With practice you can do that in Illustrator though.

wtf?..seriously, are y’all lovers or something? What are you refering to?

almond joy’s got nuts, others don’t

I just made this wicked device that makes drawing in 3d so much easier on my 486. Its just a bit of wood with a sqaure cut out to fit my monitor at 30o. I can even just reach the degaus button with the end of a long pencil. Magic.

this is amazing. the dude hits “new topic” as opposed to “post reply” (though he really intended the latter), and the bored boardroom lights up and takes the bait.

let’s all pushaway from the puter and get up and take a walk.

to the last poster-
lighten up. it’s sunday.

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no, you admire your wood, whatever that means.

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nice work. what kind of software do you use?

oh, go take a walk with your wood, both of ya’s.

I like to use all kinds of software. I especially like the kinds that you can make a 3D looking thing with. I like making hats.

I too was wondering what kind of software you used, “exelent” work indeed. You rock dude!!!

I use excel to make all kinds of pretty charts and schedules.

Ahhh! You gotta love Core, the site where losers post silly nonsense replies…wait, I just did that myself!

yeah, i really like excel, you can change fonts and boxe colors really easy.