Exchange Program


I am a 3rd year ID student at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. I have applied for an exchange program for first semester next year, and my two preferences were California State University or University of Leeds. Does anyone here study design at either of these two institutions or know much about them?

thanks in Advance


Attending Leeds myself, i can tell you that it has a strong course with an interesting approach and as an institution it is well respected among the English Universities. The Product Design course has Industrial Design at its’ heart and then brings in other related topic areas around it, such as psychology, business, manufacturing technology and computer programing. This gives the course a few aspects that may differentiate it from straight Industrial Design ones. It is however a relatively young course (under 10 years old) and as a result i find it is still being developed and perfected.

I do not know much about the Californian Industrial design, but would be interested in comparing these two. Are there any ID students from California on here?

Which ever you decide upon the benefits of an exchange program can go well beyond the actual course of study. As designers it can help us put our place in the world into perspective while highlighting cultural differences that we may not otherwise have noticed.

thanks for your insight jack. what makes it funny is that i could just ask you in class…

i know! i think that was a more considered response than i may have been able to formulate on he spot though. Still interested in the Californian responses though…

any csu students out there?

Replies, PLEASE!