"Examples of work"

I’ve been asked to send examples of my work to a design consultancy (in order to try and get a summer internship), here in the UK.
Is it acceptable to send them to my website (which has examples of my work), or is that asking too much from them (to pick ut the ones that are relevant). or should i send them a pdf with some of my work layed out?
(they specifically asked me to send stuff by email, not by post)

any suggestions/experiences?

[I’m sure this has been asked before, but a search didnt bring anything up]



The best you can do is to do both.

Send a little review of the different steps of your work (from ideation to final) in a PDF, just to tease… and a link to your website if they want to see more of your work.

And just keep some of your good projects secret, to surprise them again if go on interview :wink:

Good job prospection !

It never hurts to take the extra time and actually print out and mail a promo piece, it shows that care enough to do so. Anyone can e-mail a link or zip up a .pdf and fire it off, show them you care enough to actually put you work directly into their hands.

I would send what they ask for, how they ask for it.

They could be testing your ability to follow thier instructions.

You could always include a link somewhere, but I would make the e-mailed files self supporting.


Or they could be testing your ability to think outside the box?! Maybe you should skydive into the directors office with your protfolio body painted on?



I would follow their rules completely. And then I would do the complete opposite as well… It will catch them off guard and before you know it you will ahve a ajob.

Good Luck!