examples of work process

Following lettre is an answer to my request for an internship (free because sponsored by leonardo da vinci program):

Thank you for your interest in working with us. We’ve being looking at your portfolio and like the way you work and communicate your projects.

If you have the opportunity to come to Barcelona for a holiday or to visit other companies before September, we would be glad to meet you.

If not, we would like to see examples of your work process and maybe we could do a phone interview, in order to know a little bit more about you and understand if your interests and objectives match with ours.

  • What do they mean with examples of work process? I allready send my portfolio that includes sketches, renderings…
  • I have an idea what to mention in that phone interview, but I’m not that an experienced caller and it’s my only impression I can make because probably i can’t go to Barcelona…

Process is what YOU do as a designer.

It’s how you make decisions, how you validate them, and how they wind up in your designs.

Some people have a process of “I like this, so I made it”. And that doesn’t go very far.

Some people do research, build models, test the models, validate their assumptions, revise their designs, and then show how that became the final design.

Showing how YOU worked through some of your projects (ex. did you build models by hand, rapid prototype them, ignore models altogether?) will show your employer how you think.

Design is about communication, so you need to be able to handle a phone interview and talk about your work remotely. Try and think what people might ask about your work and think of responses in advanced.

I just came across this project on Coroflot:

From one of the designers of the Turbo Chef oven, and he does a pretty great job of “showing process,” from image boards and sketches through to prototypes and marketing photos. Should give a good idea of what to present.

Yup - while that may be more than most students can present thats a perfect example of a good design process. Showing how the unit was developed and refined is much more powerful then a sketch and some CAD.

Yeah, that was some nice stuff. So simply presented. I didn’t need a manifesto to understand what he was doing.