Examples of interesting segmented LCD designs?

We’re working on a lot of products recently that have custom segmented displays in them, and I’m finding the interface style a bit boring / dated. Are there any good examples of interesting and modern-looking segmented LCD’s?

I thought this segmented LCD font from my Citroen was kind of different, but rarely see much deviation from the 70’s style 7, 14 and 16 segment fonts:

try www.freefonts.com

Not entirely related, but amusing: 7-segment fridge magnets

Thanks for the replies. The font websites aren’t usually true segmented displays, and when they are, they’re really old fashioned!

I did find this nice one from IDEO - but can’t find many other examples where people have deviated from the really horrible 1970’s style 7 or 14 / 16 segment displays…

Ross: that citroen 7 segment display is kinda neat!