Everything is a Remix

Great video series on how nothing is original, and everything is a rehash of something before it. Might be interesting for us “creatives”. Well produced. Go support it!

thanks for sharing, awesome series!

immediately reminded me of that bboying influences video that was floating around a couple years ago

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also found this one

Nice video. Very similar ideas to this:

The RSA Animate videos are just wonderful.

So, if

…what was the original thought, or idea?

“sanjy009” - wonderful animation and story!

Great article in the WSJ today. It shows a “new” innovative approach to attacking HIV. Something the body already does naturally.



I needed a good documentary and this is one…
Me feels the same applies to products and everything else as is implied in part 3

We do stand on the shoulders of giants :wink:


Article from the New Yorker about Ideas and Innovation, from Apple and Xerox PARC:


Malcolm Gladwell. The New Yorker. New York: May 16, 2011. Vol. 87, Iss. 13; pg. 44

“Quality,” Simonton writes, is “a probabilistic function of quantity.” Simonton’s point is that there is nothing neat and efficient about creativity. “The more successes there are,” Simonton says, “the more failures there are as well”—meaning that the person who had far more ideas than the rest of us will have far more bad ideas than the rest of us, too.

“Part 3” Was the most interesting in my opinion.

Like that “where ideas come from” video too.

Agreed, I just watched part 3. Really nice. It reminded me of an artist lecture I went to up in New Hampshire a couple of years ago, can’t remember his name off the top of my head, but the thesis of his talk was that ideas are like waves passing through a culture, and we are all out in the tide. The person that “has” idea actually has the rare ability to read the wave, and the skill and sense to get up on a surf board and ride it. So when you see someone that has the same idea, don’t get mad at him or yourself, instead wave, you spotted a rare fellow surfer.

Great analogy, The video called it “multiple discovery”, when two people arrive at the same idea independent of each other.

another interesting “path to discovery” video series is from science writer James Burke: “Connections”.
A reboot of this old PBS series is here, I liked the “cornflakes to communism” trail (agrarian idealism)



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Hopefully I can post this link to an NPR interview with Malcolm Gladwell about his article:

Part 4


Part 4 is a nice piece of commentary, relevant to some things that have been discussed here at length…