Everybody's a frick'in Moderator

I’ve noticed lately that there are a ton of seemingly very new core members who are ALL moderators…

I was almost wondering if there wasn’t some sort of glitch in the registration right now that made all new users into moderators.

Just curious

who cares,
they all got beat up in high school.

No, I didn’t. I was born tall.

I am also curious, I carry the tag but lack the power. Oh, if I did my reighn of terror would be sweeping.

someones… Jealous…we are the chosen ones lol

I worked so hard to get my two stars, and you get five for nothing


seriously though, jealousy doesn’t begin to describe it, you will get yours!!!

OH YES, you …wait what were we talking about

Yes, I appear to be one of the people miraculously displayed as a moderator… just slightly confused when I first noticed!

Sort it out is what I say.

must have been hard for your mom during labor

bug fixed now. sorry for the confusion.

you suck! every body you know sucks! your mother sucks and your an all around waste of space!

how’s that? :smiley:

I pity the fool that has been “unchosen” as it were