everybody has their first paying project, here is mine

I had some not so good ones early on, I’ll try to dig them a few up. I can’t remember what was first anymore…

That’s what internships are for!

Here’s the first product I did @ my first job out of school, the Playskool Police Talk Radio:

Unfortunately, it did not stay on the market long…

I had to design a gas cap one time… extra knarly so gloved hands could grip. I took it seriously, but in the end it was still a gas cap - completely un-glamorous

Optimistic - good point!

My first paying project was an Arch Window blind for a major blind manufacture. It had to have full tilt and raise and lower capabilities. It was completely un glamorous but taught me a lot. majority of the work was done using real life physical mock-up and strings and pulleys.

Wasn’t glamorous but paid the bills.

interesting thread indeed. just as interesting i think would be to hear all those things that weren’t design we all had to do at our first design job… you know what i mean… cleaning the model shop, watering the plants, etc…


I have always had the fantasy of building a lightweight adult sized Green Machine. Looks like Zippy beat me to it years ago. Nice work! (Although I want mine to be full suspension)

The corsa did have suspension of sorts, the front axle could bend verticaly and the rear forks as well. The travel was only about 1" in the rear, and 2" in the front.

The corsa did have suspenstion of sorts, the front axle could flex verticaly about 2" and the rear fork about 1".

Oh like raising money, talking to investors, figuring out how to do the job on 1/2 the money you really need.

Wolfman: I left you out accidentally. Man, that control board rocks. I have no idea what it does and what you could change on it, but it looks impressive.

Optimistic: Cool project. I like all the details. From the kids products on this thread, I wish I had designed a toy…maybe my next personal 1HDC…I was looking for a woodshop project for this summer…hmmm

Most embarassing project: I worked somewhere that just refused to let projects die or actually make them. So the embarassment was working ten times too long on projects not worth starting.