everybody has their first paying project, here is mine

what was yours? I posted mine at www.zippyflounder.com

Retail micro kiosk.

Mostly cool because the product name (MK500) also happens to be my initials. Works out well when I show people. :wink: Not the most impressive or in-depth project - I got brought on after most of the initial specs and intent were laid out to clean up the design and see it through production. But it’s always nice to know you shaped the final plastics.

For scale, (although the woman on the right is very tall)

pretty awesome first project

Thanks! It’s nothing too impressive since it basically had to be a box and the ODM handled all the CAD. Mostly just about sweetening up whatever forms could change (the speakers, buttons, logo areas) as well as CMF and the cable management in the rear.

My second project (currently in beta testing) is way sweeter. Tiny handheld ergonomic gadget with some sweet surfacing.

And my 3rd project I have very little doubt is going to be an IDEA winner…that’ll be out in fall.

Getting paid is one thing - but getting produced (and produced as you INTENDED) is much more rewarding then the cash. :laughing:

The first full product I did (as far as I can remember) was this… a rooftop (magnet) mounted GPS antenna. I worked the project from sketch concepts all the way through to solidworks CAD (learning solidworks on the fly). It was a great experience going through the process of figuring out all the tolerances for the bits to fit inside, be correctly sealed/shielded, and also doing some RP/model work.

Before that I did one other smaller thing, a plastic POS hanger thing to allow a bottle (think pill bottle type) be to rack displayed with a surface for graphics and a type of flip mechanism that would allow it to fold against the bottle after purchase. It was for a foot odor remover thing to be sold at sport shops and such.

keep in mind this was something like 9 years ago…


Cardiac-Cath remote for Camtronics medical.

It pre-dates the web, so I can’t find a pic to link to. I’ll see if I can find a pic at home.

cool topic… I want to dig my stuff up too

Couple of skates for CCM. My favorite project until this year!

I guess i have you all by decades, mine was in 1973

if it’s first paying design job (not specifically industrial design) then this is mine - I was interning as a UI designer/illustrator in early in school, around 97’ maybe. I never get a chance to show anybody these - cool!

these are wizard illustrations for programing passwords and other features into Websphere databases. I thought it was very ID-like to develop 3d forms that would illustrate abstract computer processes…

Okay found it!! My very first pro project, fresh out of school in 1995. All solo too!

I’ll never forget my first client meeting–I asked to borrow another designers briefcase so I had something to walk in with! Talk about throwing me into the fire!

1997 G Force Indycar. Did some suspension and chassis parts, fuel cell, performance simulation (used to help determine the rules package for that generation of cars), and wrote suspension geometry software. It won the Indy 500 that year.

A childrens toothbrush series. Our master thesisis project got whiped into production and kick-started our design agency. We have all (three of us) gone on to other things now, but what a way to learn the basics.

You win! - That is sick in all black :open_mouth: :laughing:

First paying “design” project was probably some metal and glass tables I was commissioned to build for an office lobby while still in high school, probably 1998 or 1999. I don’t think I even knew what industrial design was at that time…

nice topic

another black object…not quite as cool as the car.

Its a control surface for colour grading software.

wow, nobody started out being forced to design a really crappy product… almost surprising

Travismo: I was just thinking the same thing!

Cyberdemon: That’s some great detailing for that kind of product.

Mofex: Those toothbrushes look like a lot of fun. What a cool project.

Scott: Now I just feel stupid for all the times I’ve run my mouth in the transportation forum hehe.

Hey Mr-914, maybe there should be a thread on worst, most embarrassing project ever… that would be funny

and to the posters, you guys rock - nice stuff.