Everlasting shame...

Core77- WTF?

Throughout this whole election cycle I have been impressed with how Core has largely stayed out of the muck and remained reasonably neutral. But when I open up the site this morning, what am I hit with? The top-page item is a screen grab of a grossly partisan website with the notes below it reading to the effect that “if you’re not sure who to vote for - please go to this website to help educate you”. Are you kidding me? Really?

I’m all about people getting information and making informed decisions but please explain to me how that particular website would serve anything remotely close to education other than for the reader to understand that the creators of the website really really really love Obama and really really really hate McCain. Other than that, the website is useless.

But I’m not done…

Did you also notice how AWFUL the design of that website is??? Did you see that at all?

Bad form Core77! Bad form indeed!

End rant…

Our bad. We were overwhelmed with the design. The post has been removed.

Actually, I think it’s MY bad. I didn’t catch the sarcasm of the blog post until after I posted my rant. Maybe I should learn to shut my virtual mouth until I have had a chance to fully digest what I am seeing.

My apologies Core - please carry on with the fine work…


surprised you took it down. I thought the point was a good one, sort of a exponential example of the trend started by cable news tickers and their bullshit ‘info-tainment’

Someone needs to post a link. Now I’m curious what I’ve missed!

Someone needs to post a link. Now I’m curious what I’ve missed!

Too late! We’s gets what we’s gets!

With 21 months of vitriolic bombardment, and an estimated 3 billion (that’s with a B) dollars expended on our votes, I’m thinkin’ it’s just time to move on.

Next time, how 'bout a 12 month campaign “season” (including all primaries on the same day), paid for with public funds exclusively, and the mandatory airing of all political messages by all broadcaster networks (as payback for all the crap we’ve had to listen to and filter through).

Ah, mmm, that was me moving on… . .

The US needs parliament style elections. They knock out a whole election season in a month in Canada.

Also, did anyone notice how there were no third party candidate coverage this time? Not even the traditional, “Nader will throw the election” coverage.

did anyone notice how there were no third party candidate coverage this time?

My point exactly.

How 'bout we all get a shot at voting for the candidate we feel is best suited, without being limited by the preferences of a few states.

127 million Americans voted. 1.5% is almost 2 million people. That’s like the city of Phoenix. Completely ignored…

There was some coverage of Bob Barr, the libertarian candidiate, and he had a lot of good things to say. You just need to know where to look. The major networks & media outlets provided mostly Obamasized reports which didn’t add much to the debate. The real problem is most of them are wack jobs - Nader calling Obama Uncle Tom, Ron Paul channeling “Network”, etc.

Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t understand your statement

127 million voted (approx)
US population is 305 million
subtract the kiddies and felons, it’s above 50% voter turnout? (edit; minors are 25%, so that would be 60% turnout)

I wish we could have elections in a month, but what would the media cover for those two years? How would I really get to know the candidates? And what about all that sweet sweet campaign money? /sarcasm

bennybtl: Yeah, I didn’t make much sense. I’m just irked that there are only ever a maximum of two views allowed in US politics.

Totally agree with the third party complaints. I actually voted for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution party because I’m sick of two-party sellout candidates. I would rather that two parties know what I really thought than think I supported their dumb policies.

EDIT: Totally agree with the campaign length thing, too. I like the idea, Mr. 914.