even more paintings

the Air 180 again, this time done with a pallette knife, previous 180 was with a sponge as well as the Vengeance (red,yellow, black) shpown below which is my output for the week. Btw I have had some interest in these so they might be sold sometime soon!

thanx for looking


Dude, the new 180 is the best one yet. Your def taking it somewhere! Thanks for sharing these Jigs, and for busting your butt and cranking so much! How do you stay motivated?

thanks yo

for me its a toss up between the green vengeance and the red though i do really like the new 180 too. as for motivation…I just enjoy doing it, as i do with my professional work. When it comes out good i feel great. These paintings have been a way for me to do what i love, design and draw shoes) but in a whole new way and i’m just self taught at this point for painting. I’m going to look into an adult ed class as soon as i’m done with spring 07 in a few weeks:) the biggest challenge for me is finding a shoe that iw ant to paint, i seem to have stopped painting my own designs for the moment and am just focusing on the classics, mostly so theres a greater oppurtunity to sell them or show them.

Also getting some validation from the few people who post here is encouraging too. Thanks for that.

BTW my wife and i have appts next sat at nike ID soho, I’m gonna bust out some crazy shit…i think the dunk mid for myself. Have you been able to go check it out?

maybe more to come tomorrow…ay suggestions for new shoes?