even more, even more paintings

I did this one last night, the pic has a bit of reflected light on the top half, its actually more vibrant in person

uh, heres a 2nd looser pallette knifed version R4 shox…note that its not that dark, just in the pic

I like the knife one better, its looser.

just curious…if you prefer the looser ones because you are used to seeing or like dave whites paintings. I’m not trying to do his style at all, and in fact dont want to be like his stuff at all. But I’m glad you like them :wink:


so yo, did you have any reccomendations for me? next shoes that is…


Sorry, ?I didn’t type a full response up there.

I tend to like the looser ones you have done because they seem to be more of an interpretation of the shoes. However, to do more of an interpretive style, I don’t think it has to be in a loose Dave White style (now if you started dripping paint like this I’d call it out)

Here’s an example of another Jordan IV from Fresh-Heir, tight, but still interpretive compositionally:

This one, from a COC art student in Santa Clarita is not bad either:

And check out these Air Max 95 soles from Pesky Humans (30"x40"!: Pesky Humans: )

smore from pesky

So I think the more rendered stuff is cool (as most stuff seems to go graphical or super loose!), but I think you might be able to explore what your hook on it is a little further IMO.

cool stuff…gave me an idear…i’ll work tonight perhaps