evaluating TU Delft for masters in Integrated Product Design

I’m looking for any feedback/opinions on the IPD course at TU Delft, the campus, faculty and most importantly:

are the studies theory and book heavy, or
is it more like a regular design school with lots of practical design projects?

am evaluating the course for my masters studies.
appreciate any help

From what I understand, I believe ‘yes’ to both.

What are you looking for?

hi abhimanyui

Integreted product design at delft university of technology is a good choice if you have your bachelors degree in industrial design or related fields. It focuses majorly on the consumer product and mass manufactured products. English as the medium of instruction is one of the advantages it has over the other european schools.

If you haven’t alread, go to http://www.productdesignforums.com/ – I believe it’s run by a couple of grad students from Delft.

thanks for the pdforums link. :slight_smile: have pm’d a student at Delft.

I’ve studied product design and have been practicing for the last two years in diverse fields like aeronautics, automobiles and recently, technology solutions for emerging markets.

I’m looking for a school with strong industry links, especially the opportunity to do multiple internships in different countries.
I want to be able to handle project management as an extension of my role as a product designer…so the course should cover a comprehensive mix of subjects to prepare me for that.
And plenty of design projects that’ll give me a chance to improve my design skills - sketching, conceptualising, 3d modeling and workshop skills.

I wanted to get an idea of the style of teaching at Delft. I’m terrified of going into a course thats all about textbooks and notes and very little of practical design projects. :exclamation:

oops. that ‘guest’ is me.

Aren’t you getting that with what you are doing now?