EVA foam rubber cutting

Hi all, first time poster, long time reader.

I’m looking for a way to machine cut some EVA foam rubber. The thinnest example in this image is what I’m using:

I’ve been bounced around to water jet guys, steel rule die cutters, etc but nothing is really working out. I’m basically looking for a way to send someone a DXF and have them cut into some sheets of this stuff with machine precision.

I have cut plenty of this stuff with an exacto with nice results.

-I also have a roland desktop cnc router/engraver.

-I also know that roland makes nc controlled vinyl cutters that work similarly but instead of a milling bit they have a blade.

You could contact Roland DGA and see what the thickest material you can cut with their machines is.


You can try some sign shops equiped to cut vinyl.

Probably more applicable but less informative.

I have seen laminated cardboard products that were cut out with a stylus cutter and then layed up with glue, so i imagine that this foam would be no problem for a machine like that. Unfortunately i don’t know who makes these larger machines and i don’t have any other leads for you, I just know they exist.

ok! that gives me some more stuff to go with. the more i can expand my vocabulary about this the easier it gets to track down someone who can help me. thanks!

have you found a solution yet? I have a sample table similiar to ones like these where I work: ASP Test Page

Yes and no. I found a solution to the cutting; my hand + exacto blades.

However, I really want the machine precision I see in the device you posted. Can that handle 2mm thin foam? Or more specifically, intricate and small cuts on thin foam. If not, no biggie, I could probably make the cutting specs lower resolution.

I’m sorry for the extremely late reponse! I haven’t checked the forums in a while. Yes the machine is capable of what you need it for. If you still need help let me know.