EVA Foam manufacturer

Does anyone have any experience with EVA? Are there any manufactures that anyone might recommend, in the US or abroad?


I think what you’re looking for would be an EVA distributor. And the best way to find that would be through a factory. The factory has deals with the manufacturer, so they’re ordering in super large quantities, and passing the savings onto you (hopefully anyway). If you want some seriously custom spec. EVA for your particular application, then go to the manufacturer. But a factory should be able to hook you up with what you need. Now the challenging issue is, finding a factory!

I am interested in a product that has roughly the same dimensions of a brick, but varying widths so extrusion would not be possible. Are factories also manufacturers of custom molded parts?


We design and manufacture EVA & softsewn products - I can connect you with one of the plants I use, feel free to email me.

Ultralon in New Zealand