European Styling ref source

Just wondering if anyone has some good sites / resource material that they utilize to reference current and upcoming European styling trends. I know that is a pretty broad geographical area but just looking for a start.

Chevis W.

broad question? Yeah, no kidd’n’!

You could look here: Trend report in the intersection of design, culture and commercial life

David Carlson puts some reports together once in a while. He is very connected with the European Design scene.

Yeah gotta love the request “we are looking for something with a European style” … are you looking for French, Italian, Russian… “yes European somewhere over there”

Any more links would be great!

the young designer series have a wide array of design trendsetters… I haven’t seen the euro version, but the american one was pretty cool. Gives you lots of places to start looking up different trends/designers.

I didn’t even know there was an European style…although the American one is ugly :wink:

Best to look at the Scandinavian countries then…And there’s off course dutch and France design.
Maybe this will help:



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