European Institutes teaching in English

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My name’s Roman, I’m looking to start my I.D. study but I havent figured yet where to start. I’ve lurked around this specific forum in search for a list of European Institutes that teach in English but couldn’t find any info
“European Institutes: English medium” sticky is outdated and not even the “internet time machine” has helped me to restore its links, Search didn’t show anyhing of interest so I’m posting here

I’d like to ask those who studied in Europe in Institutes that thought I.D. in English; how was it?

I was born in Ukraine, but immigrated shortly after to Israel, I’m fluent in English and I’d like to study I.D. abroad, but from a financial stand point studying in the states is just not an option for me, I do have a European passport (I do not live there), so I guess that’s my next best option.

Where can I study for a BA in Industrial design in Europe in English? Is it worth it? how does it work out with other students? Which institutes give the best terms for students from abroad? Which has the best programs for English speakers? Lastly but not least impotently - How’s the food there? :sunglasses:

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Hi Roman,

I am a 4th year BA Industrial Design student at Brunel University in London, UK and have also studied Industrial Design at TU Delft in the Netherlands.

Both have been a vital part of my education with TU Delft being slightly more technical, and Brunel encouraging me to focus on the process and not just the design.

If you have any questions, just let me know.


I am pretty sure that England would be teaching their courses in English…

Mind you they do require you to pass an English language competency test each year.

I would recommend looking in to Loughborough, Northumbria and Brunel University as they have great courses producing great grads. Central Saint Martins also has a good degree for ID but is more conceptual - the other three are on par with US style degrees.

I believe Scotland has free education for EU citizens, but you’d have to check that. There were design schools in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Other than that, I’d check the Nordic countries (which also provide free education for EU citizens) and the Netherlands.

Scotland and Nordic countries have free education for people who are citizens in that country. I’m from England and would still have to pay for education in Scotland!

thank for the quick replay, Apparently I cant send PMs yet, so here’s my question
Why did you choose to study in the Netherlands? Did you study in English or Dutch? Why did you decide to go back to England?

As someone who’s trying to decide on a place to study abroad, I find the vastness of choices so overwhelming, by which parameters do you choose?

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TU Delft teaches in English on master level, but the bachelor is in Dutch. I did a year of my masters there but also took one course from their bachelor and they did adapt and taught it in a mix of Dutch and English. Not sure how it would work out if you did the entire bachelor though. The Dutch are in general great English speakers, which is why my Dutch ended up being pretty crap… I didn’t need it.

I wasn’t sure about Scotland, but not the Nordics, there it’s free for all EU citizens. Same for Germany and Austria (you have to pay a small fee, but it includes the transportation ticket for the area / region), but I doubt in these two countries you can find any bachelors taught in English.

So apparently UMEA has a unique one-year program for I.D. , that they teach in English. But its made for people who want to practice in I.D. , and not study it.
Most of the M.A.'s are taught in English as well, which is not surprising considering the fact that everyone is studying abroad for their M.A.'s.
Does anyone know of a B.A /B.S. (whats the difference?) in English outside of the UK/USA?