European Institutes: English medium

There have been many questions recently regarding Eurpoean institutes that teach in English. I have found this site helpful:

Although it doesn’t list every relevant institution, it does provide a good overview of many, including what languages the courses are taught in.

Hope this helps some of you out in your searching as I know this task can be difficult.

Good luck


Umea design institute, Sweden is the worst choice!!!
You will know that when you are there!!!

Hi, I know of a non-UK english Programme: in TU Eindhoven.

Before I studied at Umea Design Institute, I had seen many articles on this school on famous design web sites, like core77. So, I thought Umea Design Institute could be the school, where I can learn so many things during my master study. When I was in Umea, I realised that Umea Design Institute has many relationship with media, so this school has used media for advetising Umea Design Institute. Also, some designers grasuating from that school have advertised this school indirectly here. Be careful!!! Umea design institute is the worst!!! Even in Sweden this school is rated on third stage.

I guess you didn’t read the bits on this forum about how design school is what you make of it and how much you put into it…

What the hell happened that made you so damn bitter? What’s so bad about UMEA? You say they advertise and all that stuff, but you never say WHY they’re actually bad? Did they fail you? Can you not find a job? If it UMEA was so horrible, how come you didn’t know that before you went to the school? Did you not visit UMEA before you decided to go there? Did you not look at the portfolios of students, not just off UMEA’s website, but off other websites such as coroflot and the like? And honestly, if UMEA was so bad, and if you knew there were better schools in Sweden/the rest of the world, why the hell didn’t you transfer?

…Not to sound mean or anything, but maybe if you spent as much effort studying and practicing design as you do in posting the hate about UMEA maybe UMEA wouldn’t have sucked so much for you. (Seriously, almost 50 posts? Some of which are responses to posts over 10 months old?)

So gooddesign, stop the hate, it’s on the verge of being like SPAM…it’s deterring from people (like me) who actually want to give/receive decent input.

It is spam… and it is getting old. Cut it out.

Well, a non-UK option for English speaking design schools is the Köln International School of Design in Cologne, Germany.

I study here currently, and honestly it has it’s positives and negatives.

Positive: the program. Instead of having a set curriculum of classes that you follow every semester, and instead of having classes at all KISD has set up a program in which you participate in Long (whole semester) medium, and short (1-2 weeks) projects, also in classes, educational, and technical seminars, and hands on workshop introduction. All in a wide range of topics from Graphic to Industrial to Service design. You are required to take a certain amount of credits but you can choose which projects to take, and they are changing every semester.

The design study instead of focussing on just one area (ie graphic design, or industrail design) lets you take all kinds of courses from all different kinds of design backgrounds. It’s really free, and this is where the “you get what you put into it” idea comes in…

The school has a great community of students, and I felt welcome here immediately as an American.

Honestly, there are negatives. Sometimes the students aren’t as motivated as they should be, but this is only sometimes, and I am generally impressed with the work my fellow students do. Skills such as drawing and computer skills aren’t heavily pressed into you, like at other schools. So it might be nice if you have training in those things beforehand, or make a point to focus on them on your own.

The school emphasizes concept oriented design, which is relly fun, and uses much more brain power than the typical (or at least my old) universities do.

The main language is German, but there’s a rule that if one person requests the class to be in English it has to be. So you are never short of communication skills, and it’s a nice way to ease into another language, even if you haven’t got any skills at it yet.

It’s pretty competitive to get into (about one in 30 get in), but I hear that it’s easier for a foreign student to get in, and heck, I got in, it can’t be THAT tough.

Last but not least, the price. It costs a little less than 700 euros per semester to study here, that’s it! Cheap compared to the american super schools. It doesn’t have the ncest facilities (because it’s so cheap) but it’s a great school for learnings sake. I have been here one semester and have already learned so much…

If you wanna know more just ask

thanks for this, great link indeed :slight_smile:

the link doesn’t work anymore?

can someone please give me the correct/updated link?


I’ve been at KISD last year, being at TaiK (ex UIAH) right now.
Both of them very good choices… I’ll post differences/etc as soon as I get how it works here in Finland :slight_smile:

forgot to say that I’m doing the European Master of Design program, having Politecnico in Milan as “home institute”.

if you want more info about the schools I’ve attended, etc… ask ASAP (as specific as possible :stuck_out_tongue: )!

sorry, last thing:
here is the updated list of Cumulus member institutions:

It’s a really neat list of World.wide design institutes that, I think, can be helpful to many :slight_smile:

The Design Academy in Eindhoven has 2 interesting master’s programs both taught in English. The IM program focuses on Industrial, Interior and Identity Design while the Man and Humanity program is a study in Humanitarian Design and Sustainable Style.
I have heard many good things about the DAE and while researching design schools was surprised to find that it may be the only school which offers a Master’s in Industrial Design with a specialization in Sustainable and Humanitarian Design. I would love to hear from anyone who has attended this school and what opinions they have formed about the programs that I have mentioned above.

Hey out the for my first posting on this site. I am a industrial design student from Australia who is looking to get some European experience at a English speaking uni outside of England. Found one and does anyone have any knowledge of it. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all

After looking through their websites, I am still unclear about the language of instruction for BA programs at a few of the design schools in France… ENSCI and Strate.

Does anybody know if it is exclusively in French, or if they will teach classes in English upon request?

Thank you!

just posted under another topic but asking again here (you can see how anxious I am).

Trying to find a good European/international master’s program (in English) that won’t suck me dry of my mulas. Preferably in or relating to furniture or soft product design but open to any suggestions. Bachelors program ok too, but preferably masters.

Thanks ya’ll~

I have a BFA in ID and am interested in going abroad to earn a Masters. I am looking into Domus Academy in Milan, Italy. I like how there program only takes 11 months.

Any comments or info on Domus Academy??

Any other suggestions for European Grad school programs taught in English?

I know that the Royal College of Art has a great reputation.


Just like to say hello real quick before I ask my question. “Hello.” Yes, I’m a n00b here but been lurking for quite some time.

I’m currently looking for schools in Europe as well. I’m coming from a non-design bachelors though and I’m interested in finding a Masters program like the one offered at IIT.

I’ve been searching this board for hours and my eyes are now bleeding. Anyone have any suggestions for non-US based schools with a masters program like IITs???

I plan on applying in the US as well but looking to keep my options open.

Thanks in advance for the replies and thanks to everyone on here for the wealth of information you have provided.

has anyone ever ran across a list of undergraduate schools that teach in english in europe?

this seems to be a popular topic, but very spotty as far as the forum is concerned…