European ID design

I am a recent graduate (Class of 2003) with a BA degree in Environmenmtal design with an emphasis in architecture from the University of Colorado. I am really interested in industrial design and want to persue the education. I have read many threads and get the assumtion that getting a Masters in ID is not the right move. I should probably go back and get the BA in ID, right? Also, I am looking at schools in Europe. Specifically the Design Academy Eindhoven, Umea Design in Sweden, and mabey Italy although I have lived there before. Do you think going abroad for higher education will set me up for a career outside the US? Thank You for the comments. Ciao

unfortunately, I can’t answer any of your questions but I am in a similiar predicament as far as being a recent grad in a confusing place…I am interested in your experiences so far and any advice or support…I am recently returned and stuck in Tampa as well…I think we can both appreciate the difficulties in that…please conatct me if you like…

Hey guy and gal -
I’m in the same boat. I’m stuck in CT, just finished up a BFA in sculpture. Want to get into ID, but have no clue. Be nice to have a few others who get it to talk to. email me -

It is possible to stay after school but you have to have your ducks in a row.

Duck #1: Europe can pay up to 30% less than the US. It is very hard to pay an American debt load with a European salary.

Duck #2: You have to go in there from day one building the network necessary to have people sponsor you afterwards. It will take years.