I need the meat and potatoes on Grad Schools in Europe, preferably Scandinavia and Germany/Switzerland. And what level of work is needed to get in?

There were alot of names thrown around with out and reasons on “juicystyle’s” thread.

More specifically, are they design professionals being accepted or undergrads, and what are they looking for?

My story is like this: Been studing at under grad level for 3 semesters and have a previous degree in Kinesiology, so I want to go straight for a Masters and skip the undergrad. Have studied at Emily Carr in Vancouuver, and Pratt in NYC. I think my process is strong and I have no problems comming up with innovative ideas for design solutions. My computer skills, and render skills are not bling bling (they will get better), but I don’t see that being the soul of design.

English (or German) and cash are constraints. So who’s got the steak, the SIRLOIN (sorry if your a vegetarian, wait…no I’m not)?

Thanks for all the good stuff Mr. Moderator