European design schools

I would like to get my MA in ID in the EU (I am an eu citizen who has always lived here). I have a BA already and would like to go somewhere to develope my abilities and learn from experienced designers.

Anyway, I am interested in UMEA and the Design Academy Einhoven. Does anyone know of these schools? Can anyone recommend a program in Europe? I would love to study in Germany, but I would be studying in German and that would slow me down.

Is it a commonly held belief that a European school which teaches in English is not so good???

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Where do you live?

Here are some links to schools I have found. Maybe something you’ll find interesting. Umeå school of Design is supposed to be good.
It’s situated in Northern Sweden. Nya MSN Sverige | Nyheter, Nöje, Hotmail, Outlook och Vädret
There is a student that was in Core77 chalenge.

Well you might already know this… :slight_smile:

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I am from NYC.

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at european schools with masters programs in ID but have had difficulties finding information beyond what’s on these websites. (Maybe because I’m in the U.S. too!) Does anybody have any inside information regarding school philosophies, reputation, and structure?

I’m trying to find info on:
Design Academy Eindhoven
central st martins
Domus academy
Umeå school of Design
Royal College of Art

I have an undergraduate degree in engineering (although not mechanical) and some (although limited) coursework in product design. I am looking for a school that expects entering students to have an established design sensibility and awareness, but not necessarily extensive practical skills such as model-making. Hopefully, this school will allow me to pick up the practical skills as well as gain compentency in both small and large scale 3-D design.

It seems that Domus Academy and IED are 1 year programs and I’m skeptical that I could gain practical skills as well as competency in both environements and products. I’m not sure I could even do that in 2 years! Any other suggestiongs for schools?


I wish there was more info too…
here is another interesting link regarding Domus Academy:
I attended the Touchdown day where I had the opportunity to listen too
representitives from Domus Academy ANDREA BRANZI (one of the founders of the school) AND EMILIO GENOVESI (the director)…
You can read about ANDREA BRANZI at this site: interviews archives | designboom | architecture & design magazine

Hope it helps…

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the Industrial Design Engineering program of RCA is especially for
engineering background people. Maybe you can check Royal College
of Art’s website to get more information.

I studied at Central St. Martins for a year as an undergrad. I thought it was quite good and it has a good reputation, though the facilities were sometimes lacking.

The Royal College of Art has an excellent reputation, and their ID program is geared to engineers. It is highly competitve, but well worth the effort.

I know a master’s grad from Domus who did not hold it in high regard.

to both summer and e,

thanks so much for your post. i have looked into rca - it seems like a wonderful school with an equally good reputation. summer mentioned their industrial design engineering program, and although it is geared towards engineers, i should stress that although i have a degree in engineering, i do not want to be an engineer. i am looking at their design products dept - which may be what e had suggested - however it seems focused on those who already have extensive background in design. goodness, it has been very difficult to find an appropriate graduate program!

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Sorry for jacking this thread… am in the process of looking for a uni to do my BA…

FDA looks interesting… anyone has any comments?

Am lookin towards conceptual consumer electronics…