European Design schools or UK schools?

A lot of European design schools do not communicate in English,

is there any European schools that communicates in English?

Please name the famous ID Design schools in Europe and United Kindom

Thank you very much.

I did some research on the matter as I was considering doing a Taught MA in Pro, Design… need to get a bust on my portfolio though any how you looking for name in London some I came across are Royal College of Art… courses suitable to all fields especially me as the was acourse in product design for engineers… I am a qualified Mech eningeer … unrortunatly no creative think required of us in problems in college or work so thinking of going back… Anyhow i would say its a good one from what I saw… Also college of Central Saint Martins in london also… went to presentation day was supposed to have a taster sessiona n everything flew over from Ireland specially and missed work … taster session was cancelled. got to ask questions of course director… okay enough but I would say unprofessional as did not notify things were cancelled no appolgy or nothing…But brillant other than that…Another college that I think you should consider is Umea in sweden all areas covered didnt get to go as too expensive to fly there and take a peek…

I am considering doing the world travel thing and was wondering if there are any colleges in the states that one would recommend or places in the states to do a portfolio course…

apart frm dese in d uk der r sum very gud univs in italy namely ied and scuola which hav quite a reputation… only 1st year is taught in english 2nd n 3rd is in italian, bt den italian is not a very difficult lang 2 master, if d course is done from milan den no hassles in d language english is used throughout

If you look up a few topics you will see a topic entitled
Announcement: European Institutes: English medium…

Umea Design Institute, Sweden is tough in English at its master classes.
But Umea design institute is the worst !!!