european design school

Yesterday I got this crazy idea about going to design school after my undergraduate degree… in a different country. Like Norway or Italy or somewhere in europe. I don’t know any other language except English and Mandarin… would that be a problem? Could I still study in a different country?

they have nice grad programs there, and I believe they are taught in English and are affordable (especially if you live there)

I would skip the Milanese schools

A bachelors degree has no tuition fees and a few spots in the masters program are free as well

I think “umea” is one of the best design schools in europe and its education is in english, but if you are looking for scholarship than you must learn swedish…

I really find it most interesting why people praise Umea so much! Sure it is good, but I would not but it in the top 5 five without discussion!
Think that most of the postings regarding the excellence of umea comes from students of umea. Interesting thought that the amount of postings here on the forum from one school seems to indicate some quality!

What about BTH, Hyper Island Sweden then?

very well known:

-Conventry University
-Royal College of Art
-Strate College Designer

Delft University of Technology

I think the list can go on for ever depending on who you ask…

I’d say:

Brunel University of West London
Berlin University of Art and Design
Politecnico di Milano
London Institute
Elisava, Barcelona

yes there are many good grad schools for ID in europe. the above mantioned as well. but you forgot about THE DESIGN ACADEMY EINDHOVEN in the netherlands, their program is very interesting.

and why not add

to the list… totally useless discussion if you do not know what you are comparing!

Check out Design Academy Eindhoven- three different grad directions:

Funlab: designed experience

IM: interior, identity, and industrial design

Design for Humanity: Design that reacts to humanity instead of the marketplace

Best to write them often. The web sites don’t tell much about what is really going on there.

newcastle polytechnic in the UK

Why not go to the Saturn Design Academy in Saturn, with rings, in our solar system, in the Milkyway, in our universe.

Good luck getting into UMEA. They only accept 12 people per admission period.

Good luck getting into UMEA. They only accept 12 people per admission period.

First of all: you have to find out what kind of design you want to do; not just the program, but also the style. some schools are more conceptueal aimed, others are more towards engineering…

How would people rate the likes of NCAD, IT Carlow and especially Tu Eindhoven?