Hi, I’m actually working in a major automotive design Studio in Western Europe, and wish soon relocate to USA. I need advices
1-to which place should I go? (Detroit, CA…) what is the “as a dream” place, company, etc… (automotive prefered, but can anyway goto productdesign)
2-How much, for a 5-years experimented and high talented top-efficient alias designer, should I ask for package (intern prefered than contractor). What are the costs of living.

thanks a lot, since long time I plan this relocation hope now it will be soon.

I forgot I m Bachelor graduated, not english speaking (775TOEIC).

do you know any good websites in Europe for finding jobs for indsutrial designers.

i am having the same situation as you minus the design job in western europe and the five years experience… :smiley:
it seesm that everyone’s opinion is really different
you have to define more criteria for your research…
as an example i have been told that the best towns for design wer nyc, chicago,LA and san fran.
but now what kind of life do you wanna have… do you want to be in a big capital, do you want reasonable cost of living (forget it in nyc and san fran especially) and the design job porbably wont be the only think that would make you like the place.
consider other silly but everyday l;ife stuffs as well like weather, size of town, what is available to do, nearest airpoirts…etc…

good luck with your search! but the more i post on forums the more confused i become… :wink: