europe design school ranking

europe`s best product design universities
[total 249 votes]

  1. Umea University (SW) 17.33%
  2. Royal College of Art (UK) 15.33%
  3. Delft University of Technology (NL) 12.29%
  4. Middle East Technical University (TR) 9.24%
  5. Design Academy Eindhoven (NL) 9.2 %
  6. Politecnico di Milano (IT) 9.14 %
  7. Domus Academy (IT) 7.06 %
  8. UIAH (FI) 6.2%
  9. Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart (DE) 5.16%
  10. AHO Oslo School of Architecture (NO) 3.93%
  11. Coventry University (UK) 3.08%
  12. ENSCI Les Ateliers (FR) 2.04%

Conventry at 11th? Maybe it’s just their trans department that shines.

I am just curious if anyone can tell me where the voting procedure was performed?

We are at 3rd!

I never thought it is so high:P

Where did you get this?


why rank design schools? never heard of this and by who . . . strange!

Is it “Umea University” the one has good design program or the one called “Umea institute of Design”( aka Umea University)? They offer a different web site , are they the same?

Do they rank these schools like they do in US News and World Report Grad schools ranking- which is pretty credible? Or they just go by popularity?

In the US, these schools would no even make it to the top 50s. Maybe in the the 60s.

It’s a pitty to once again read and see, how much Americans think that they “rule the world”. I spent many years there, on the other side of the big pond, and followed the design industry as much as society behaviour closely. The US are " good designers" because they produce masses for the mass consumption of their own, and that not being enough, create useless wars to feed their own hunger. At the end of the day, Americans are just the inbreed of deserted Europeans that went for new land, were no one knew them and where locals were simply slain. How selfish is that? And how selfish is the Iraq war?
Americans would be good designers, if they’d come up with cars, that use just as much gas as europeans or less, think globally about ecological issues ( and not about “saving the world from our home made wars” or “world police” etc), for once sign international environmental documents like everyone else and simply try to see further than their nose.
Who are the best designers? read your history.
Scandinavia, Italy, Japan… Not the US. And to get to the point of this discussion forum, a school is only as good as their teachers and infrastructures, and what the students make out of it. And most design teachers in the US are from Europe anyway.
The RCA is definitely one of the top school, as much as Delft - but how about the Danish Design school in Copenhagen, the Design school in Kolding, Berlin… Stuttgart…
I’d love to know who and where these results are from.

WOW! How the heck did this become a giant Euro-bashing fest?? I have studied design in Canada for 4 years, and am now doing my masters at Lund University (Ingvar Kamprad DesignCentrum) in Sweden and have found both european and north american design to be great. Sure, there is a giant trend in minimalism that needs to go away, and we are all still designing too much pretty junk that we don’t really need, but seriously, I don’t think any of this has to do with Iraq! Yes, it’s a stupid war that never should have happened, at least not the way it did…but it DID happen, and people on both sides are dying. So instead of the ‘my country can kick your country’s ass’, lets just work on getting them out of there in one piece!!!

In my opinion (take it or ignore it totally) I think Scandinavian design is in a bit of a recession right now, I think it is relying too much on the great stuff that was done 30-50 years ago by Aalto, Jacobsen, Saarinian and the type. Danish design has become synomous (spelling?) with expensive, brushed aluminum coffee table stuff. Now, on the other hand, trying to find a cohesive American design trend is like trying to herd cats. With a population and economy that size and that diverse, any common trend is going to be damned impossible. My feelings: Less plasma screen TV’s, work on smaller cars ( Do we neeeeed Escallades?)

Umm, and just to respond to earlier ‘posts’, I don’t really know if referring to England and other European countries as ‘pathetic’ is really a good strategy. Not exactly going to improve the American image overseas. And contrary to what Bush seems to think, the USA does need friends around the world. If he hadn’t alienated every other nation on earth, there would probably be lots more nations taking part in Iraq.

But then again, I’m just a lowly Canadian, so what could I poosibly know about anything aside from hockey and being a lumberjack, right?

Hey I am a pimp, I like my Cadillac Escalade!! ha ha

Anyways back to Sweden and Lund. Are the undergraduate programs in industrial design or other designs in English? Are there any masters in English? I checked the web and found that you need proficient Swedish to study. Please elaborate on the programs and the Swedish babes…


Hmm, to the best of my knowledge, they don’t really have graduate / undergraduate programs like in N. America. It’s a 5 year masters degree that i’m working at (starting 5th year). I came over as a short term ‘visiting student’ and decided to stay. One thing to keep in mind though, and this is hellishly important: You can come and study in English, all my classes were in english, and everyone in Scandinavia speaks 100% english. But in order to actually graduate from a Swedish university, in my case, you must learn university level Swedish!!! So I’ve now had to pause my masters study and do nothing but study swedish full time for the last year. And it is HARD!!! If you are smarter than me in languages ( I suck) than you can pull it off, but keep this is mind when deciding where to go. I believe Umea University has Masters programs in english, but i’m not certain about the grad requirements.

It’s a bit crazy…I mean to graduate from a swedish university, you learn swedish…makes sense, of course! But ALL my classes are in english, all my friends and teachers speak english, and always want to proactice english with me. Hell, our head professor is an ex-design chief of Siemens who speaks not a word of swedish (from germany) So, you will pretty much need to devote massive amounts of time just to get a checkmark in a box that says you can speak swedish.

But the course is phenominal! My friends (from my year) were at a Swedish navy base all day studying interior layouts of work environments, and they are off to a certain space agency in the next month, that I actually cant mention, less they all get drowned in red tape at a certain airport. Ha ha ha.

I have lots of pics of the area here, the student life (babes galore) and some projects, email me if you’d like some links. I’d post them but there seem to be some retards on this forum who just screw around (on a design forum of all things??? Go burn something, Bevis…

James Thompson

Just sent you my email to your hotmail…

Thanks man, nice pics and beautiful country (ies).
I am from Springbank, Alberta. Just around the foothills of the Rockies- halfway between Canmore and Cowtown.

Cooll, I grew up in Calgary…booming city now, eh?

Best of luck man!

What are your plans after you are done? Are you going to stay and find work in Europe? Good luck!

Not really sure, my girlfriend (she’s Swedish) has 2 years of medical school to go here, so I’m really in no rush to run back home to Canada. Am thinking of trying to get some design work around here, hopefully in Finland. If you’ve never been to Helsinki, it is the coolest place ever! I’d like to get on with either Marimekko in Finland, or SonyEricsson here in Lund, Sweden. It’s amazing, SonyEricsson’s big creative center is about 200 feet from where I’m sitting, and Bluetooth is from Lund as well. This place is SO great, there is so much highg tech stuff going on everywhere…just gotta first wrap my head around the conjugation of obestamd verb forms in Swedish first…grrrrrr. How’s THAT for a kick in the ass, eh?

hey dangersverige, what school do u go to in sweden? i loooked at umea from the list of schools here on core, and their undergrad pogram is in swedish and their grad program is in english according to the schools website. i was wondering if you go there, and if learning swedish is something i need to consider.