Euro 2016 football boots

Still a WIP, but Sketchbook Pro is second to none for product designers.

As for the designs, the aim is to design football boots to celebrate the upcoming 2016 European Championships in France. Still have to finish these, but which design should I go with?


Quick update

Give some context to the designs. You’ll be better results if you explain why the look like they do.

Also, work on the proportions as well. They seems to look a little droopy.

Hey Traftos, useful feedback, cheers. Thankfully, Photoshop has a liquify tool to alter the shapes to look more realistic. I’ve attached another sheet of sketches, starting to get the hand of Sketchbook Pro, it’s excellent for product design sketches. Also attached as some logos and images to give a context to the intended design. I want the boots to incorporate the French tricolour with the blue on one boot and red on the other with white used between both. In the Republic of Ireland tricolour the white symbolises peace between the Orange Order and Nationalists, the French flag may have a similar meaning. I digress, the design also needs to incorporate curves ie bezier, french curves and features showing in the bid logo and official Euro 2016 logo.

Guercy Eugene does a great job presenting his work and showing a story behind work, for this piece I will do likewise.


Hey Sean,

Glad to hear you’re liking Sketchbook Pro, it’s definitely the best piece of software I’ve found for sketching! Keep it up!

The Nike Arc Angels shoe by Guercy Eugene is a great reference to use both for presentation but also process. The biggest disconnect I see between Guercy’s project and what you’ve presented so far is you still haven’t presented a problem statement.

What are you trying to accomplish with this that hasn’t already been done? Just making a boot that has the national colors of a team and some curves isn’t really going to be much to talk about during an interview.

Any big boot launch will have a technology, and in the best cases that technology is based on a key insight (athletes want to cut faster, athletes want better ball feel, athletes want a more flexible platform, etc.). Right now this just feels like a color and graphic exploration, so I’d challenge you to push further.

I wouldn’t get in the habit of doing this, in the long run it’s better to get familiar with the proportions even if it means sketching over templates. Some of these are decent, others are really far off to the point that it’s distracting to the design.

Hello Matthew,

I must say the quality of feedback here has been outstanding. I took a look at your website, very inspirational work. So how did you go from doing political science to product design? :slight_smile: As for Sketchbook Pro, what a program.

Tarenne Baptiste does a great job presenting work, he even designs football boots or should I call them soccer boots?

You also did a great job presenting footwear design I see with the Nike ARKTIKA design.

Definitely going to push this beyond a mere styling and graphic design exercise, I actually have a couple of ideas for how boots can give players an edge over opposition. Hints, zebra and hexagon chain.

Thanks for your input, Matthew

Trying to become more active on this website. There is the finished football boots design from a few months back.