Etymology of Yo

My wife and I just watched Smokey and the Bandit for the first time this past weekend. I of course did play with several Firebird and Camaro t-top toy cars when I was a boy, so I knew what movie I was watching immediately (we missed the intro).

Apparently Burt Reynolds was never popular in french-canada. My wife had never heard of the movie or him. Strange.

What’s wrong with the del Sol? I loved cruising in both the 914 and the del Sol. Very comfortable cars to drive. I actually didn’t race until I got my Focus. That sounds stranger than not recognizing Smokey and the Bandit…

The one and the same. Avatar and everything.

Any redneck designers out there. That Smokey and the bandit referance made me thank that I might not be the only one that may have a pair of cowboy boot and a hat. Just wondering, or not.

I love that movie.

I only know he is an adminstrator here other than he contributes to the forum a lot. but when I first see the nickname ‘yo’ it reminds me of an exclaimantion : ‘yo !!’

mine’s easy: cheerygirl… just be cheery. Girl ? At least a lot of people think so…I don’t really care too much. : )

maybe I should add a picture to that nickname…

I’ll have a diablo sandwich and a Dr Pepper, and make it fast I’m in a G D hurry!

ok I am a dumb dumb… now i see yo’s identity…just click on profile and there’s the answer… dumb dumb me…

This is one of my favorites “You sumbitches’ couldn’t close an umbrella.”

Buford T. Justice.


He cracks me up.

if you hit a group of ferocious sumbitches, that line could get you into trouble… i wouldn’t touch on that…thats how the world is in a mess.

kind regards.

Oh for crying out loud…its a quote from a movie.

an excellent movie at that.

love how this thread is 3 threads in 1 -

  1. usernames
  2. 914s
  3. smokey and the bandit



good ! So keep those nicely in the movies :wink:

Kuchinsky: Even better than three threads in one. This thread is in general DESIGN discussion, not off-topic. Yet, we’ve managed to not mention design (other than in usernames, duh) through four pages! If deez chimes in, I’m sure we can make it to five! Yah!

the design and creation of a non deplume is rigious and requires lots of feed back, a few shots of jack #7 and some navel gazing…see happy now design slipped in at last. :laughing:

We could discuss the amazing design of Burt Reynold’s moustache…

Alright, time to hit the bar.

That’s a 10-4 good buddy…

There is a commercial for Future Shop (a Canadian electronics store) out right now that cracks me up. Its a chinese guy that runs up to the TV sales guy dressed up like Burt Reynolds in Smokey and the Bandit and says something along the lines of:

Burt wannabe: “Where can I find The Burt in HD”?

Clerk: “The Burt”

Burt wannabe: “You know, The Burt. Smokey and the Bandit.”

Clerk: "Right. Well we can set you up with an HD DVD, Widescreen TV and Surround Sound system.

Burt wannabe: “Will that make The Burt look bigger?”

Clerk: “Ya, it’ll sound better too”

Burt wannabe: “Ya? How’s that?”

Clerk rubs his fingers across the Burt wannabe’s mustache and it gives off a deep bass sound like fingers rubbing across a microphone.

Its brilliant. I wish I could find it online.

seen the commercial and it was exactly what i was thinking when i saw somkey come up in this thread. did you transcribe it from memory (effective commercial i suppose), or watch again with a pen and paper?


From memory…its likely a bit off.