Etymology of Yo

Mine is in the “Uncreative” category. Optimistic is my business name. The origin of the name is elaborated upon on my website, if you’re curious.

I was thinking about my BBS name in the 80’s, though. When I was in 6th grade my screen name was “The Atomic Punk” (after the Van Halen tune). The name evoked someone much larger and scarier than a little 6th grade kid behind a Commodore 64 on AppleCore.

Oh hellyeah… i had those crazy ANSI wolverine scrollers in my startup…
HAHA! haven’t thought about that in forever…
remember those packs you could download? get the latest crews work? man thats funny.

Holy crap mine seems so boring now. I am glad that I am not the only one the loves the 914 though.

I have been holding myself back from making a giant 914 valentine thread in the transportation forum, especially after so few (no one) was interested in the Tatra. True genius is a lonely path.

I am ashamed to say that i actually helped transfrom a 914 into a 916 in the late 80’s. It was a bad idea because the 916 looks odd in real life so, we quickly turned it back. I would like to have 1 of the 11 that were made but I think they are probably out of my price range.


A guy on my street has a nicely restored blue 914, not show quality, definitely a daily driver. Its a nice rig. Definitely unsung. I always liked them as well.

Aaron, here is a listing of all of the 914’s in a 250 mile radius of you, the most expensive is 10 large… and it’s yellow, if they only had orange…

Yo is Spanish for I by the way. I chose it quickly when registration started, I’m not sure why I thought of it, but I think it was because I read too much Ayn Rand in highschool and too much Kant in college… Aaron was closest with the Picasso painting, I wish I had thought of that… and being an Italian American, the Rocky series was re-inacted (it was before VCR’s kids) a lot in our house…

Are you the same skinny on PDF?

AD+Design = ADD

barefoot=not fond of trapping my feet in leather and plastic
creative=i like to believe i can draw.

also my business name. when i get the business…

I used to get annoyed with other forums with names like wolfie, or mrwolf already taken.
So I thought I would come up with such a daft name no one would use.
Along with I used to play Quake 3 under a JFK666 handle.
It seemed to have stuck, and saves me remembering different logins.
Is there anyway of the admins changing my name to something else?

Yo, whats with the extra big admin logo…and the massive URL link?

Mines very simple PD_GB = Product Design_Great Britain

Just need to get round to designing a nice little police department style avatar icon to go with it.

mine comes from a caricature a classmate did for me. After finishing the drawing, he started a sum so C (an ear) + U (chin) + O (eye) + O (eye) + O (mouth) and he got cuototo and started calling me that.

After a couple of days, everybody was calling me that. You know how it is… you don’t get to pick your own nickname among friends.


I believe Aaron’s referring to an original 914/6, not the VW…I’m assuming it is unfortunately out of his price range though.

just sayin’


What’s wrong the VW-Porsche 914’s? True, they are down about 30 hp from the /6. They do have the same great suspension and chassis. I really enjoyed the targa top…it’s why I drove a del Sol for five years. In fact, this thread brought back memories and now I’m looking at del Sols again. My wife is gonna be mad!

<–Taken from the video game Doom. Had the same screen name since around 1994 back when DWANGO was the only way to play games online. I subsequently got the crap beat out of my for ringing up a $200 phone bill…thank god for dial-up. :laughing:

A Del Sol?! Mr-914… :frowning:

at least keep it real with a T-top MR2 man… I mean a civic? come-on…

This is the only way to “keep it real” in a T-Top in my opinion…

mine’s pretty straight forward. I use it for the boards i post on too.