Etymology of Yo

Does anyone know the reason why Yo chose “Yo” as his Core name? Was it after the interjection poplarized in 50’s - 60’s sitcoms and then brought back by Rocky with “Yo Adrian”? Or was he one of the kids in gym class that yelled at “YO!” when the teacher was calling out attendance? I know he is not from the urban streets of the Jersey/Philly area so he did not grow up with it, and knowing his family a little I doubt it is a childhood nickname…or is it?

My guess is that it is after the extraordinary “unfinished” self portrait titled “Yo” by Picasso. But that is just a guess.

my guess was the double L in DiTullo makes his last name:


but that would be more latin than italian, still a possibility?

yo-yo a object that goes up and down, ie vasilation…

whydont you ask him? actually would be interesting to hear how everyone picked their screen name (mine is my name- no interesting story there).


good point, my stems from the days of playin trade wars on bbs’s (1200 baud days) where most people picked names like milenium falcon or destroyer dan stuff like that. I picked in a booze induced fit of humor a oxymorn that seemed to fit. In the world of trade wars the name “zippythebarkingflounder” became a name to be feared! :laughing:

ip_wirelessly is a derivative of one of Bart Simpson’s crank call jokes:

Hello, can I speak with I Pee Freely?

I worked at Sierra Wireless…so the jump to ip_wirelessly wasn’t too big.

Mine is easy. I design Packaging with and ID desgree. But you could have probably guessed that.

Started posting on Core as a sophomore in ID (pre registration era)
and figured at somepoint I would probably make a sophomoric / idiotic statement, so my name was like those student driver signs __ easy cop out.
The capital ID ofcourse declares my field of ignorance, and well, I like it and so I’m keeping it.

Mine is not based on the eco-friendly environmental design theory. Although I do enjoy ecodesign.

It’s just my initials Eric Charles Overmyer followed by Industrial Design.

Simply put and straight to the point.

I own a 914 and I have had the same username/email addresses/handle since 1996.

j is for joe


I love the topic by the way!

From the pool-side career speech in The Graduate…

Fairly obvious. But for those who are wondering

Some times I miss the dialup modem BBS days, and Dos Shell.

i ran an iniquity BBS for a while… i was like 13…i had more fast-tracker techno than anybody. totally forgot about those things. i bet the software is still out there.

AH… BBSs… i was totally into ascii art back then.

Z-Modem and PKZIP forever!!!

Mine comes from my body type and the results of life as a freelancer. Even when you have money you have to plan as if you didn’t due the unpredictability. Easy way to keep thin.

I miss the old days of computing, even if I experienced them briefly. BBSes felt so much more personal than the internet today. Even the early internet felt more personal. It used to feel like I was always communicating with people. Now it feels like I’m flying through a huge flock of birds. Sometimes I still run into individuals, but mostly I just see the huge mass of anonymous flight. I don’t know if that makes sense…but I can’t think of another analogy.

I sit next to the copy machine.
I am…The Protector of the copy machine

The copy machine is plugged into my surge protector.