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whats up core 77!

my name is Elihue Taylor and i currently attend Academy of art in SF. I am a transportation design major and im taking my first trans design class this fall. I would really appreciate any feedback, tips, critique, or techniques. pretty much anything that you think might help me get better. I will try to post work every Sunday or Monday morning ( excluding next week) for at least the next 10 weeks or so maybe longer. I will mainly be focusing on cars maybe some space ships or something thrown in there (im always open to suggestions!!), i also will be mainly using pen pencil and marker. I have attached some sketches below that are from previous drawing classes to kinda give you a feel of where i am skill wise.

Once again i am extremely grateful for any comments weather there positive or negative please do not be afraid to be harsh either if something sucks or could be done better please tell me why or how

thanks Core77 im ready to learn !!!







if anyone would like to share with me a better way to post the sketches in one post that would be great

Hi Elihuet.

Good first posts, though I would be careful not to over-promise on future posts!

It appears you have a good understanding of perspective, shape, light etc etc.

I would take your sketches, use them as underlays, and have fun. Try turning those vehicles into space-ships, futuristic race-cars etc etc.

Check out the simkom sketch site for inspiration!

Thanks …Yeah I was a tad uncomfortable putting that up there but I think it will give me that extra motivation so I stick to it

Thank you…I’m a bit rusty but I think underlays are a good I idea

Wow what a cool site!!..definitely going to use this for inspiration! Thanks a lot !

This is what I have for this week, I wish there was more. It was a ton of trial and error but learned a lot about cars. Im sure not sketching them correctly yet but its a start. I found that it was hard for me to give the rear wheel depth any tips?..or any tips in general? Thanks!

good morning core 77, so this is what i have this week. Im still not rendering because it will take more time, but im hoping to start soon once i get faster. Also im trying to get the right perspective for cars but im just so used to drawing small things, so some of them look like toy cars. Once again any tips or feed back is greatly appreciated! thanks core 77

Elihuet, your lines are very committed, definitive, as if you have erased out all of the lines that got you to the final one. It seems you are working on details without a harmony to the overall form.

Sketch the surrounding box shape first, get the proportions and then go into the details. For now, don’t erase anything, leave it on the paper so both you and we can see. Start light get more resolved and darker in the lines are the form becomes apparent. The beauty of a sketch is for the viewer to project a bit of their own interpretation into a variety of lines.

Ok thank you, nxakt… I totally agree with what you are saying. I will definitely try to loosen up the lines, and have a better variety of line weight for next week. I appreciate the comment.

Hi Elihuet. Good work with the further posts!

Completely agree with the feedback you’ve already received. It looks like you’re trying to draw a car, rather than design one. Automotive sketches are very often about communicating a general form, direction, or feeling the designer wants the vehicle to communicate.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully realise you’re at the very early stages of your career, and the best Automotive Designers are incredibly talented, but you may be trying to run before you can walk, and as such making your life tougher.

Why not try finding some sketches you like, and trying to mimic the style? Certainly don’t trace them, but build and construct them as if they were your own. This will allow you to separate the sketching from the design, and should quite quickly build your confidence.

Look forward to your next submission!

Thanks Sam hagger that’s a great idea, seeing as I haven’t developed a style yet. Im sure I will find some good examples from the simkom sketch site that you introduced me to. Im grateful for your guidance.