etiquette regarding who to contact when applying

I am in the process of applying for internships and I was wondering how those on the hiring side feel about situations where someone contacted you directly instead of sending an e-mailing the company’s careers address. not only that, but your e-mail is not listed anywhere on the company website.

Is it considered rude, or maybe a little invasive to “bypass” the standard protocol (i.e. contacting the address) by contacting the person in charge (owner of the design firm or sr. designer, etc.) directly? it is pretty easy to find contact information through the internet.

contacting the person in charge directly instead of going through HR seems to be a strategy that often comes up in other threads about job searching, but is this an acceptable way of doing things? does it really make a difference?

I think it’s fine, just expect that the person might delete it or simply forward your email to HR or whomever is coordinating interns… and don’t send a huge file!

alright, thanks for the feedback.

yup - my files are kept small. 1 PDF for my resume and 1 for my work samples, under 2mb combined.

i got no responses from places where i contacted someone directly, but got a (personalized) response from the one place where i contacted the careers e-mail address so it just got me wondering. probably just a coincidence.