etiquette for possibly changing the job while on the job?

is it better to be up front about exploring/fielding ofders or discreet until things are certain???

Many companies will have security escort you out of the building on the spot if they find you’re entertaining competitive offers.

One word: References.

Best to keep it quiet. If you need a reference, and it has to be from work, ask someone you TRUST not to spill the beans.

unless you really have a point of bargaining that you can use to your advantage (ie. you have a very senior position, or unique skills), i’d keep it quiet.

first thing your employer will question is your loyalty if they know you are shopping around.


Are you employed “at will” (most US companies are this way), or do you have an employment contract?

never heard these terms. unless you are a freelance contractor i would assume there is a contract, no?


I look at it like this. Your employer can call you in on a slow tuesday afternoon and let you go with absolutely no warning. There is nothing wrong with you entertaining other offers. It’s just like window shopping, but don’t let them know you’re actively looking and will likely PURSUE one of those options.

Then there is the whole counter-offer thing. that’s a tricky one but can sometimes lead to a LOT more coin.

Also, if you don’t want it to be known, be careful asking about it here. You’re a celebrity, everybody knows you here. Post under another name, still trackable but it won’t scream for attention if someone at your job browses here and knows your screen name.

makes sense, thanks for the advice all!