etiquette for contacting a company that once rejected you?

I had an interview in August for a fall internship that I did not end up getting. They said they weren’t going to hire any interns due to the lack of workload. Whether or not that is true, I don’t know.

Would it be improper to contact them again in the coming months about a possible winter internship? I plan on having a newly revised portfolio, and I am currently working on an independent project to put in.

Likewise, I have contacted dozens of firms this past spring and summer. How long should I wait before trying some of those firms again?


If you’ve got new work to show, then by all means contact them again.

Tone: polite, acknowledging previous contact but not apologizing for anything, and mention you’ve got some new work they might be interested in seeing.

Reiterate your interest in an internship, and above all, make it clear you know who they are, what they’re up to, and why you specifically want to work with them. If you’ve got any new work in there that you think they might find especially relevant, because of the research you’ve done on them, then highlight this.

But as a general rule of thumb, following up every few months is never a bad idea, as long as you’re not petulant about it.

This is probably a tad bit to long for you to wait, but I was in the exact same position. Applied for a series of placements whilst at univeristy, most were rejections, got a placement, worked hard and re did my whole folio. A year later said placements that previously rejected me were now offering interviews. As long as your showing new work and not flogging a dead horse I personally dont think its a problem, it worked for me.

Absolutely, go for it. Also, people come and go in companies. It’s possible that the entire staff might be different the next time you apply a year later (especially if it’s a small place), so the new folks may have never seen your work and might like it better.

Go for it, as long as you are telling them why you’re again contacting them (i.e. They didn’t have the work load when you last heard from them, etc.) they should respond. As previously commented, just be courteous about it.

Sounds like a plot for curb your enthusiasm. Good luck.


I interviewed for a job, didn’t get it. 9 months later, I interviewed again and got the job. The boss said the main reason was the new stuff in my portfolio. You may not be the right fit the first time around, but things change. Be ready for that change.