Ethics Question

Ok heres the thing,

I recently left my fulltime design job to do freelance because I was sick of the way the company did business and how they treated the design staff. Since I left they have been unable to find someone to fill my position and from time to time send me things to render and then forward them on to the client claiming that they did the work. I know this because they sometimes forward me messages from the client saying how wonderful the work is and thanking the people who had nothing to do with it.

I don’t have a no-compete agreement with them and I’m wondering if I shouldn’t try to bypass my former employer and go directly to the client to get more freelance work. There have been several clients who waited until I left to contact me but they no longer do business with the former company. Is the risk in starting an all out war with the former employer too much or could the work from the client be worth it? There are other clients that I could also contact who have no idea that I was the sole designer on their projects and instead think that my bosses did all the work.

These are big, nationwide clients that I could potentially get a lot of work from.

no non-compete = No problem. Business is business. I would try to work it out so the client comes looking for you. Your former employers are going to get po’d no matter what you do.

Make sure you put your name on every bit of work you give to your former employer. That’s the best you can do. It’s really up to you how you handle this. Remember, you have a choice

work + worry about it = result
work + happy about it = result

As you can see the result is identical but the second one should bring you more satisfaction.

Give it time and people will flock to you, if you do honest work that people like they will come to you. People take credit for other’s work all the time but they can’t run on other people’s talent for too long without exposing themselves.

I wish you best in life.