Ethical boundaries?

Are we acting or reacting to life when designing? Are we shaping the world around us following a distant ideal image of what we’d like to become OR reacting to what we already observe around us? Someone comes by your office tomorrow and ask you to design a new hand arm for children from 9 to 14 years old that will be used in extreme heat conditions in a distant african country. Double fee. Would you do it?

Should there be laws governing what should and what should not be designed?

I am sick’n’tired of the whole picture. Makes me sick.

On the howdesign forum someone posted this:
(x rated logo design)
One person on the list refused to critique the logo. He felt that we as designers should have ethics… ethically this was not what he felt design should be used for.

You may or may not agree but he makes an excellent point. I know there are many things I wouldn’t design eventhough they are legal.