estimate for creative coordinator in new york city

hi. i’m going to have my review soon and i would like to find out how much i’m worth. any of your help would be great!! thanks!!

so, i work for a major fashion company. i handle the in house graphic, windows grahpics, showroom and store graphics across USA. everything from, seasonal window graphic, various party, events to everyday inter-departmental graphic needs. basically, everything this company does from marketing to wholesale to retail has to go through me if they need anything produced.

i either customize the graphics or design them and have them produced.
so i also do production of these various design projects.

hopefully some of you can help me. if not, you guys know any websites where i can find out more about what i should be getting?
because i know my company is under paying me and they’re notorious for that.
so, if i don’t get a big raise, i’m going to look for a new job.

thanks again.

Try coroflot’s salary section and has one too.

Try to have a clear description of how you contribute to your company’s profits. Quantify your contributions, and try to have comparisons to before your employment. This helps support any salary discussions. There are books about how to negotiate a raise and how to prepare for reviews.

good luck.


In what city do you work? Salary surveys tend to be less accurate for New York or other expensive cities. It also varies greatly from industry to industry even if your job description is the same.

A good way to find out what you should be making is to go to a head hunter. They are usually fairly honest during initial interviews about what you can make – they want to lure you in, so they don’t want to quote low, but they don’t want to quote high and raise your expectations too much.

thank you guys. i work in fashion industry in NYC.
i will contact some headhunter soon, just to see what’s out there.

although i do want to do something other than fashion…

I know that Anthropologie has a design position posted on their website Just a heads up since it may be down your alley

These are from the AIGA / AQUENT survey

New York City - Senior Designer
50,000 - 70,000
National Average - Senior Designer
45,000 - 60,000

New York City - Designer
40,000 - 50,800
National Average - Designer
35,000 - 46,000

New York City - Art Director
60,000 - 80,000
National Average - Art Director
50,000 - 75,000