Essentials for China trip

Hi All,

Exciting times, new job is sending me to China & Taiwan on monday. We are going for a tour of all factories that we are working with.

I just wanted to find out from any seasoned pro’s what sort things are a must for the super hero’s utility belt whilest traveling over there.

I know that things like sleeping pillow…earplugs…passport and of course “diamazipan”

Any thoughts would be a great help.


CDs for the mini bus / car to get the guys rocking in the morning
All the stationary you need
USB key
socket converter + socket bank (sometimes only 1 socket available to power everything on the other side of the room)
big bag to take home all the dvd box sets and cds + token battery operated gold cat with waving hand.
dental floss - lots of grissly meat that gets stuck in your teeth.

Taiwan uses 110~120v, so you got to prepare a converter if you will be using appliance. However, since most electronic devices have universal adapters, it should be ok. Just check before you take off.

The only think I will worry about is the air. You guys may not get used to it(me neither). Also, prepare all the medication that you may need.

airborn… water soluble vitamins
cold eeze
a bag of granola or granola bars or something to eat in a jam.

Patience…lots of patience :slight_smile:

Instant oatmeal (just add hot water type, there’s a difference)

While in Taiwan try the Black Mamba juice!


Just arrived Taiwan today.

In addition to some of the notes above, I would add these.

1-Bose NC headphones - They do their job and make it easier to sleep.
2-Excedrin or Advil PM in addition to daytime - Take one PM the first night and it will help your Jet Lag.
3-Travel Speaker - Nice in the hotel, fills the room when working in it at night.
4-Flip Flops - Got to let the feet get some air
5- Nice world time watch
I use the Nixon Connect

Drink lots of water, stay hydrated on the flight.

My cousin lives in Southern China for the last few years, and whenever he comes back the thing he wants to return to china with above all else is DEODORANT. According to him you cant get it there.

Factory tours.

The rule of thumb is that even though most of the stuff we use is made in China, it can be really hard to buy any of it once you are there. You need to pack a lot of it in. Remember that a lot of the factories will not be stocked with the day-to-day stuff that we are used to.

Here’s a recepie for a basic Factory Toolkit:

Bring with you:

  1. Camera kit w/ extra batteries, memory cards, card readers, xtra USB cables. (Remember to ask before taking pictures. Some factories OK, others no-way.)

  2. Calipers, ruler, tape measure.

  3. Xacto knife, scissors, masking tape, scotch tape, paper.

  4. pens, pencils, sharpies, china marker.

  5. If you are doing softgoods-thread and needles.

  6. Toilet paper. (And ask to use the visitor’s restrooms- not the factory one.)

  7. Energy food (clif bars, granola, etc.) Lunch can be erratic.

  8. Lots of business cards.

    Other tips:

  9. Be careful eating at American fast food chains. Don’t know why, but that consistently brings down one of our team members.

  10. Bed too hard? Ask for them to put a foam topper on it.

  11. Don’t drink out of the taps- even in the best hotels. Use the bottled water.

  12. If you can help it, don’t bring prototypes or breadboards in your bags if you travel from China to HK. (don’t know if you are going to HK). Customs can hold you up, hold your prototype, and seem to destroy it in the process.

  13. Phone: From the hotel, best way I found is using Skype. It’s cheap, easy, and the sound quality is great. If you have a Blackberry, it should work through most of China and TW, unless you are really going off the path.

Where are you going to be? TW is fun, but China is other worldly in scale.

BTW, how about shopping advice for China? (That’s a great subject in itself)

I’m heading out to Hong Kong in a few weeks, so all this has been very helpful. I’ve also been told to bring:

  • business cards with current title, so the Chinese will know where you fit in your company’s hierarchy

  • int’l cell phone, your company may already have a few floating around

  • shots are debatable, but I got hep-A for bad food, tetanus for factory visits, and flu

***not just a “sleeping pillow” - get a good u-shaped neck pillow (filled with the floam bead stuff) for the “economy plus” United flight you will end up taking 5 times a year… or at least that is what I take. Virgin Atlantic from the UK?

As mentioned above HK uses different outlets than Mainland. But all of the hotels will let you check out converters (some require a deposit).

Since you will be hauling your stuff around a lot (from town to town / hotel to hotel, etc) pack light and get a great, durable suitcase… I’m partial to Tumi and Victorinox …

i always bring a good book so I can get to sleep…

Economy plus- ouch.

Econo plus…oh man. I am a whimp. Can’t even sleep that well in B/C any more. :open_mouth:

I guess I’d say:


“this is chad he spends an hour a day doing his hair, your also a dj arent ya mate? …well how about you (while doing dj cut /scratch motion w/hands) ha-ha-ha-harden the %$@# up”

-ipod (use stereo headphones more comfy/ kills the outside noise-great on plane)
-camera/ charge every night
-name cards for cab/ example. hotel card, shopping area, restaurant cards so you can hand card to cab driver to help get you where you need to go
-extra supplies
-dvd zipper case for the movies (dont bring them home in the cases)
-keep toiletries/ extra underwear/ outfit on your carry on, always on my trip atleast 1 person gets there bag lost, usually comes next day
-hoodie/ climates always change-sometimes in the factory development rooms they turn the ac up an gets colder/ ac on planes
-if bring calipers dont bring as a carry on- will be confiscated-is considered a weapon(happen to someone on the last trip went on)
-lost of business cards
-skype great to keep intouch an cheap
-work on the negotiating/ takes practice- know some good spots in Fuzhou, China.
-make sure to sign up with airline to BUILD YOUR MILES

enjoy the experience


I hate you. I sat next to two rather large gentlemen on my trip two weeks ago. I’m still having nightmares.

Good tips there:- Hong Kong has the same plugs, voltage and sockets as the UK, some Chinese and Taiwanese hotels use uk plug sockets too, so if you forget your adaptor, they (and usually the factory) may have ones you can borrow. If you take any meds,make sure they are in the original packet - law in Hong kong says you should not decant them into another container. You can get pretty much any medicine you need in the airport in Hong Kong anyway,the shop Watsons is owned by Boots,I think,so if you need anything it’s all there. I buy melatonin there,to help me sleep. Agree with the tip re. fast food - the food to avoid in China is usually Western food - often they don’t know how to prepare it safely.

It’s not really worth shopping for electrical bargains in Hong Kong anymore, the warranty/guarantee will only cover you if you live in Hong Kong or China,it’s worthless back home,so if it breaks you are f*cked. The prices aren’t really any lower than if you did a thorough search online. You can get great designer clothing and accessory bargains although it helps if you are of Asian build, obviously.

Anyway, my tips for easy travelling. Don’t take too much stuff - you may find you have to get ferries, which entails going up about a zillion escalators and climbing off a boat with loads of pushing shoving people. If you can’t easily carry your stuff,you are taking too much. I only ever take enough clothes for four days, I get it laundered as I need it. Lock your luggage. Use the safe provided in the hotel for your laptop (if you have one), never let your valuables out of your sight - i.e. don’t let the bellhop have them when you check in. Leave the balldress /dinner jacket at home, you won’t need it, dress casual. Dont bother taking cash,you can use the cash machines anywhere you go, now. Pack a big hoodie, even if it’s roasting outside the aircon might be Siberian.

If you are taking a laptop, back your files up onto disc, so if the laptop dies you haven’t lost your precious work. Try to avoid taking lots of paperwork/files - they’re not covered by insurance if you check them in and hand luggage limits are really poor these days. I take cds and dvds but I dont bother with paper because it’s heavy - if I need paper I ask in the business centre in the hotel or at the factory. I take a tape measure and my own pantone books and some drawing equipment, but I usually borrow stuff like masking tape or silver pen when I’m there. As pantone books are so pricey (like a years salary to the Chinese), watch out, I sent a junior designer out to China once and the pantone books ‘went missing’.

Make room for some books and tunes and don’t rely on the airline entertainment system to be in working order - you don’t wanna be the one climbing the walls when the screen at your seat corks it and you didn’t even bring a magazine!

Finally,as it’s your first trip,be warned, they will try and get you absolutely rat arsed. And on the trip after that and the trip after that. Me and a friend (ex employee of the company you now work for),used to end up resorting to tipping drinks in the plants when they weren’t looking and taking them to the loo (so we could flush them away),just so we could survive the night. Be prepared for it. And seeing as your a bloke, be prepared for the girls. They will probably get you a girl, at the least a hostess to pour your drink in the karaoke bar and the most, well ummmmm go figure.

Finally, have a wicked time!