ESPRESSO - Conceptual TV Design

Hey guys, it’s been a while since my last post here. During the past few months, I’ve been working on my newest project called Espresso. I’ve always felt that the TV market needs an evolution, so this one was done with much passion. My most recent project (Soma) was by far the least well received… So in the Espresso, I tried to improve upon the constructive criticisms you guys provided.

Well, thanks for the help so far. I’ll probably be moving to 3D and much a much different genre in my next piece of work, so I hope you’ll enjoy this final chapter.

PS: BTW, the presentation may look a bit choppy; previously, I made my work to be enhanced for web viewing, but this time, I made it for print.
PS2: This was actually created for an LG design competition but I removed the branding (& Korean text) to just show the raw design of the device.

My previous work:
Soma (jan-2009): SOMA - Tingle your somaticsensory system.
Synthesis (may-2008): LG Synthesis - A Concept Phone

Great project. Also, good idea to post links to your prior work. You can see the avancement in your thinking in each project.

mh, well the presentation is sweet as always. good job.
practically it seems to have so many holes though. I find it aggravating that there is no consideration to how a “uni-cable” really would work.

It’s frustrating that it seems as if a slick presentation can make all the silly impractical problems disappear.

i dont see how two little speakers would be an advantage over my kef floorstanders.

Nice presentation. As someone who’s worked on more than a few flatscreen TV’s my critique would be to really think about the scale. Some of the surface transitions you have and details will probably look out of scale at full size. They’ll be apparent if you print it it 1:1.

kingred, NOTHING is an improvement over a good set of KEF loudspeakers. I worked with them on the next generation Reference line and got to listen to the Muons as well as the Ref series. Shocking is the only word I can use to describe the sound quality. Simply amazing. end tangent.

Love the concept. But, there is quite a bit going on on-board that to pull off that much information. And yes, I also find the “uni-cable” aggravating. It’d be great, but probably won’t be realistic for several years.

Am I correct in assuming you aren’t trying to replace standalone speakers, but replace amplifiers,tuners, etc? so your speakers plug into your monitor?

Thanks for the comments everyone! I’ll answer some of the questions:

Bebster: The unicable is pretty simple in function, as it just rewires the connections from the various ports back the the TV. It is just quite simply adding longer wires from the mainboard to the ports. I guess I should have added a diagram of how this would look from the inside.

NURB: Yes, I don’t intend to replace a nice set of true home theater speakers. I did add built in speakers but due to the nature of sound, saying that I’ll replace full sized speakers would be over kill. Ofcourse, if you’re a user that doesn’t really have audiophile ears, you can just use the built in solution.

its safe to say you have the best presentation skills of anyone on these boards.

your portfolio / boards are incredible.

if you aren’t / don’t get hired as a full time industrial designer, you should also think about working in graphic advertising

some nice thinking and a nice design as well

But get this, he’s a 16 yr old high school student!!! I’ll go crawl into my cave now and contemplate life, lol! Now I’m really ashamed of my graphics capabilities.

It looks like all of the images are created solely in Photoshop or Illustrator.

is there any 3d rendering program here? or just genius 2d usage?

Hey, thanks Skinny! I’m actually 17 now though. And Taylor, it was done only on Photoshop, but I will be moving over to 3D for my next project.

I’m looking forward to it. I didn’t even know what ID was at 17. You should get a corefolio going also, start your networking now. Good luck in school.

df, what schools are you looking at?

nice project man, if possible, id love to see more of those raw sketches, and marker renderings.

also, havent seen any cars lately, are you focusing on products now?

MBW17, I’m thinking of starting my own sketch thread in the forums so you’ll be able to see my stuff there. Thinking of posting my work over the weekend.

ok, sounds, good! :smiley:

Your presentations are always amazing. What type of 3D modeler are you thinking of using?

If I’m not mistaken I think he’s using Photoshop to do all the renders, which is pretty sick. Definitely some of the nicest PS renders I’ve seen.

DF you’re going to have to put together a tutorial of your rendering process one of these days!

Haha i meant in the future, but that’s okay.