Erica Eden of Smart Design on Pyrex

Kudos to pyrex for caring about design. That glass dish is wonderful. The last time my girlfriend was cooking with a glass dish, she had to ask me to get it out of the oven because she couldn’t safely lift it out. 400 degrees and slippery is not a good combo when there is nowhere to grab onto. I managed but it should have never be that difficult.

They’ve also got some great looking utensils that seem to be at a slightly lower price point than oxo, and a little more interesting. Not to bash oxo too much (im mostly just jealous of their manufacturing), but sticking a TPR handle on everything has resulted in a handful of stinkers.

Good for Ms. Eden, sounds like a pretty sweet gig.

What a dish!

(the Pyrex is nice too.)

Knew that was coming…

anyway, yes, sometimes the best insights are the ones right there in front of you. It is a simple innovation but a huge improvement. I wish the forms were a bit more graceful, but I always say that.

I’m just impressed it came right in the 2nd comment…

From the business standpoint, it’s nice to see a good marriage between client and firm. Firm known for clever housewares and a client known for a timeless product. Good results are almost expected.

(I’m just psyched to have podium’d)

So they added a handle, and tweaked some surfaces. I have Pyrex dishes in clear and purplish-mauve. How about a thermochromic effect to visually read glass temperature, similar to glass or IR cooktops where colored bands provide the feedback?

That would be pretty cool. You could do the same with glass cooktops.