Ergonomics of the Human Head

Hello Everyone,

I have recently been contracted to design a piece of headgear for a medical application. I am mid-design and I figured I would send out a quick note to see if anyone on this board has experience in ergonomic design for headgear.

The key goals of this project are improved patient comfort and maintaining headgear position. Likely these will be custom headgear for each patient but I would love to hear any suggestions on how to accomodate multiple heads of varying sizes with the same or similar headgear. Any ideas?

How about restraint systems? I have done a good deal of research on restraint systems employed by bike helmets, ball caps, glasses of various types, headphones and numerous other safety helmet designs. I am still looking to be inspired by a killer idea.

Let me know if anyone has suggestions. Thanks.


You could check out cpap masks. I just saw a new design for one, but I can’t remember where. If I do remember, I will post it. You could also check out surgical masks and helmets. Stackhouse makes some interesting stuff.

in the new Innovations magazine, the one with the IDEA winners, there is an IBM head mounted aparatus and the designer writes about the experience.

I’ve done some work with HMDs ( head mounted Displays ) too, and one of the tricks is to try to balance/distribute the weight around the head. Keeps the hw more stable. I think the IBM thing uses the ears as the pivot point for the weight…

Good luck!

I found the IBM headgear article. Thanks for the advice…

specialk, can you give specifics about where you found the article? If it’s available online, can you link me? Thanks.