ergonomics in USA

does anybody out here know if there are any good schools offering programs in ergonomics/ergonomic design in the USA at masters level. i have done undergraduate program with a specialization in fashion.However i gained work experience in graphic ( packaging,identity and communication) as thats where my real interest lay. I want to pursue masters in a related field , i.e. interaction / instructional design. however on talking to people , i was advised to look at ergonmics also as a possible specialisation. as far as i know , ergonomics forms a part of a larger curriculum of a program , i do not know if there are any full fledged programs devoted to the same. does anyone out there have any idea if there are any such programs available in reputed institutes across US , and what are they looking for in candidates?

below is a link to American grad aschools, I think you may want to look over the entire site and get a clearer definition of ergonomics…