Ergonomics - Glasses


Im currently working to improve the overall fit of my companies glasses and could use some help. We have quite a number of good quality head scans across different ethnographic groups. Also a lot of technical research and data points. But am unsure how to translate that into fit models. Ideally i would have 2-3 adult head models to test approx fit, minor local adjustments are built into the glasses. Any feedback on how other would go about verifying fit data? Goal is to get a good grasp on head ranges, knowing its a large and diverse spread.

Sorry loose on details, just in the early stages of this research and development and would love some feedback. I dont have a ton of experience with design research, so any comments or critiques are helpful. thanks!

If you just need to double check your fit data, I’d would order SLA’s of your design(s) and have people try them out. A “head model” (which I assume is a manikin) can show you that approximate fit, but can’t tell you if they’re actually comfortable!

It’s funny, I feel like most people would have the opposite problem–they’ve created glasses that fit them and their friends well, but they’re struggling to get real technical data, of which you have plenty. Sounds like an awesome resource to have at your disposal.

Determine your critical dimensions and their relationships. Just wild-ass-guessing, but head width, eye width, bridge of nose to top of ear height, etc. Plot points. Find median, average and 1 standard deviation in each direction. Can do it by sex and age (children).

Thanks really a fun project, and am in the very early stages of quantifying fit to tell us how many different size versions we have. Unlike regular glasses ours have battery and electronics so weight distribution, heat and fit become very critical. Currently we have massive amounts of raw data measurements, but as we all know its not really helpful unless you can distill and convert into wither CAD or general averages. I have made hundreds of SLAs and naturally some fit some people really well and other cant even get them on, which i fully expected. Guess im interested in how other would approach it? Finding median and averages is our current model which seems to work decently, unfortunately much of the work was done before my arrival so im not 100% confident the derived data comes from the critical dimensions we need.

  • We have local adjustments that can be made on the glasses, helps to get that last bit of fit
  • But am trying to better define how much of a base architectural difference there is across races
  • Really helpful to hear how other would approach