ergonomics/anthropometrics data

hello all,

Is anyone familiar with a published for source body measurement data besides the “Measure of Man” by Henry Dreyfuss? I’m working on a seating project and have been told that the measurements compiled in this publication are not accurate and outdated.

I am building prototypes for user input but want to be as informed as I can.

any useful input is appreciated

They’re not outdated as far as I know. The revised edition is dated 2002.

On page 4 they list original data sets:

  • Pheasant 1996, civilian anthro data
    Roebuck 1995, small summary data
    The Military Handbook: Anthropometry of US Military Personnel
    White 1982, detailed anthro on the foot
    Anthropometry of infants, children and youths to age 18 for product safety design, by the Society of Automotive Engineers, 1977

I personally use Dreyfuss and “Human Dimension & Interior Space” as references.

Many people are compiling proprietary body-scan databases. Check out CAESAR: and

“Virtual Humans” are another route, check out…

thanks cg,

got what I needed.