Ergonomic Data

Does anyone know of any resources with ergonomic data? I am working on an industrial machine project, and need to find a load height, as well as an interface screen height, in desired percentiles. I am finding a lot for furniture and hand held products, but not much else.


If you can find these, they are very spendy.

Yeah, I found lots of stuff that can be purchased however I was looking for some free stuff. I found the army ANSUR database tremendous help, and read that alot of ergonomic data are based on those tests as well. I think that combined with some testing I am going to be will be perfect. Thanks for the response!

You might want to check this out:

The suggested books are very useful for anthropometry dimensions.

There is an ergonomics module in Catia.
You can import your 3D model in Catia for initial testing.
It allows you to build the manikin or you can refer to the anthropometry library of various countries.
(human builder & human activity analysis)
Test them with imported data.

Second method is my personal approach…
If the design is developed for the local population.
(The design should be simple in human factor complexity & tasks; it’s your call.)

Create the mockup based upon applied anthropometry data.
Then search for 5th (female) & 95th (male) percentile persons in your vicinity (may be in your or client’s office.)
Ask them to perform the task. Video-record the process. Check their feedback. Refine the design.

May be…human factor products designing setups should employ 5th (female) & 95th (male) percentile persons for their feedback :wink: