Ergonomic Data and IP

I’m thinking about creating a tool on the internet to help people understand ergonomics. Do I need to make sure I use data in the public domain? I found the US Army ansur data, but there isn’t much else available online that I can find. I can find much of what I need in books, but there is still the intellectual property right issue, and I’d much rather be able to access a digital database. Any recommendations or advice?

Some of it has been done.

Awesome link - thanks (of course the Dutch would have that at the ready)! I’ll not have to pull out the Dreyfuss Humanscale 1/2/3 as often now.

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Thanks all. I just found out you responded–it was in my spam box. The delft site is the best I’ve seen (although it’s hard to navigate, and the data is incomplete). I have to figure out the IP issue. I will put a message into the university of Wisconsin system attorneys, but they are very busy. I think it will fall under fair use. The Nasa data from 1985, and the population has changed since then Americans, for example, have grown a lot heavier!